“got it” – the MSSC decision in Lisanby v USAA

Not easy but I finally “got it” – Mississippi Supreme Court decision in USAA v Lisanby – and as I read over the decision, I began to “get it”.

Considering that I’m having one of those “running late and short on time” mornings, I’ll just toss out the decision and a “clue” about  USAA’s “bad faith”: The named defendants in the original Rigsby qui tam Complaint were State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and (drumroll)…USAA.

Like Ashton, I’d like to see more documents from the docket but they’re not easy to find, particularly when “running late and short on time”.   I’ll continue to look when my day settles down – but, in the meantime, anyone who has information to share can send email with documents attached to Sop. ([email protected])

The jury awarded the plaintiffs more than $900,000 in compensatory damages, but the trial judge directed a verdict in favor of the defendant on the issue of punitive damages. Continue reading ““got it” – the MSSC decision in Lisanby v USAA”