Yes I can verify Jefferson Parish Council Clerk Eula Lopez…..

It is true, Eula Lopez is related to Tom Wilkinson, as Tom is married to Eula’s sister. Ms Lopez is one of 7, one of her other sisters being West Jefferson Medical Center’s Nancy Cassagne. The tea leavea tell me things are heating up.


Channel 4 covers Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s lawsuit against the Parish

WWL does not have the video up for embedding but their print story is here and frankly I thought they did a good job providing context and background to the events which got us to this point. Here is a snippet:

“I had no other recourse to obtain unedited documents necessary to consideration of future legal options,” she said in a statement to Eyewitness News.

“I am seeking my e-mails which do not require redaction by the parish since I either wrote them or read them when received. This did not happen on John Young’s watch and I felt it only fair to file suit against Steve Theriot before he left office,” Vandenweghe wrote.

Unslabbed uploaded a video capture of the WWL story to Youtube. Following is the video report from WWL. Continue reading “Channel 4 covers Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s lawsuit against the Parish”

BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe files suit against Jefferson Parish

Team AMV evidently has problems with nonresponsive public records requests with the gang over at the Yenni building. She would like her work computer back and a copy of her work emails.  I’ll add such should be relatively straightforward as the Parish uses Microsoft Exchange to handle their email system.

Following is the suit itself courtesy of Scribd. It has been assigned to Judge Ross LaDart. ~ sop Continue reading “BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe files suit against Jefferson Parish”