Animal House: New Jefferson Parish Whistleblower suit plus the Hospitals back in the news

Never a shortage of hijinks and hallabaloo in Jefferson Parish no siree folks. First up is Veterinarian John Edwards courtesy of Courthouse News.  Like Slabbed before him Edwards is using the services of a man that has a proven track record of hanging skins on the wall in Slabbed’s own Bobby Truitt. Click the pic to nab the 16 page pdf which details allegations of the practice of unlicensed Veterinary medicine by east bank Animal Shelter Director Robin Beaulieu:

Edwards v Jefferson Parish Doc 1

Next up the public Hospital privatization spectacle is kicking back into gear after the Thanksgiving Holiday:

Jefferson to hold public meetings on hospitals’ future ~ Advocate Staff

Inspector general says Jefferson Parish Council should negotiate multiple leases for hospitals ~ Ben Myers

This McClintock guy is a more dangerous than Chris Roberts thinks plus he gives great business advice.