Picayune Porno links: Hiz Honner is on her……

Welp, he evidently used to be anyhow as there is never a dull moment on the Slabbed as a reader points out:

The Mayor of Picayune. His name is Edward R Pinero II.

Here is the link to the MS Sec. of State business LLC info. He set the LLC up under the name LINK-FABULOUS INTERNET SERVICES, LLC.


The actual website that they ran was


Sure enough to this day link fabulous lists it being owned by Link-Fabulous Internet Services, LLC despite the fact it was cancelled in 2009 according to the Secretary of State corporate database.

So the story goes Hiz Honner and brother sold said website, likely in 2009 according to the secretary of state database. So maybe it wasn’t a porno site when they owned it so I ran the site through the WayBack Machine and found it was all porno all the time.  I wonder if they ever found Dream on Tranny Island?