Angela at the State Farm Sucks Network sends word…

There have a new wikileaks type website up and going called WikiClaimsLeaks and their first project is sorting thru over 18,000 pages of claims documents from State Farm. Unfortunately I fear Barack Obama’s head is inserted too far up Ed Rust’s hiney for him to meaningfully engage this issue but hope, like routine denial of otherwise valid claims springs eternal.

Thanks Angela.


The sky is falling….not.

Folks, remember during the oil spill all the doomsday predictions of all the rigs leaving the gulf (causing massive unemployment) if Prez. Obama didn’t back down on his drill moratorium?

More oil drilling rigs are in Gulf of Mexico than before BP oil spill.

Now I know some of y’all pucker up when I term GOP politicos as corporate bootlickers but I offer as Exhibit A apologizing Joe Barton, the GOP bootlicking congressman that could not wait to drop and genuflect before BP’s Tony Hayward when he came calling on congress last year during the spill. Once upon a time Republicans favored the rule of law, free markets and competition over corporate handouts and bailouts from the treasury and groveling. ‘Tis is why I left the fold several years ago.

You folks reckon wind insurance price gouging would end if our political leaders exhibited the kind of sack towards insurers that Obama did in the drill moratorium with big oil?

Don’t hold yer breath waiting on the hollow one to engage insurance as Ed Rust owns him.


We’ve had lots of new visitors of late so I thought I would supplement our about page. A repost


Nowdy is Daisy Duke.
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A reader shared this with us today (Updated with revised lyrics)

With the suggestion that in cases involving State Farm bad faith claims (and lord knows State Farm and Bad Faith go together like Love and Marriage), that a pretrial motion be submitted to let the policyholder lawyers show this video in jury selection and question the jury about it. This sounds reasonable to me but the slabbed may barf when they view the video to decide the merits of this suggestion for themselves. Mark my words this will happen, it’s just a question of when.  😉

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I'm Poppin' in for Just a Sec

I have a bunch of catching up to do. I’ve not seen a newspaper since last Friday and have been too busy to blog. So while I’m gone making some gold here are a couple of youtube videos on the topic of gold. First is the link to the Munich 2005 performance my cyber friend Cap attended.


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