JustUs: Jackson County Chancery Court #SRHS Proceedings Rotten to the core

A bit over eight years ago Slabbed appeared in the local cyber scene as a blog dedicated to covering the wind-water insurance court battles when a nice lady from central Mississippi the world would later know as Nowdy and I met at the Cracker Barrel in Hattiesburg and made common cause to tell the coast’s story from a local point of view. In the time since we witnessed the Scruggs prosecution and it’s use as a hammer against people who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. Nowdy would later describe the phenomenon as “JustUs” and it usually reared it ugly head in the Mississippi judicial system when massive amounts of money were at stake.

Yesterday, thanks to a bombshell legal filing at the Mississippi Supreme Court, JustUs again reared its ugly head here on the coast with news that the major players in the Chancery case Almond v Singing River et al, were holding a meeting in which the Plaintiff’s counsel in Almond were excluded. Less than three hours later an order staying Almond was entered by special Judge Breland Hilburn one day before motions on his recusal from the case were to be heard.

Ms. Almond and around two hundred other Singing River retirees have been deprived of their day in court thus far in favor of a forced settlement that saddled the scandal ridden pension plan with an unqualified trustee whose main qualifications appear to be his political connections.  To add to the Alice in Wonderland like quality we have Jackson County Board of Supervisors pretending they are not a full partner in the Singing River disaster yet the county is paying the legal fees of the politically connected lawyers that helped caused the Singing River disaster.

For the Singing River retirees that are being lined up like sheep before being herded to the financial chop shop, the events of the past month must be absolutely maddening.  Worse yet for morale is the punditry advocating for a settlement that sweeps possible illegal acts under the rug while the largest single group of retirees are cut out from access to the legal process all while a proposed compulsory settlement is allowed to advance before Judge Louis Guirola in US District Court.

But now the clients of local lawyers Earl Denham and Harvey Barton whose state court case has been stonewalled for months at least know the fix is in against them and they have no chance at receiving justice from Judge Hilburn and Special Master Singletary.  And despite Mr. Singletary’s protestations to the contrary, to the public this secret meeting between defense counsel and the Court reeks worse than a dead skunk in the August heat. And it’s not just the public that feels that way. Continue reading “JustUs: Jackson County Chancery Court #SRHS Proceedings Rotten to the core”

Gentleman start your attorney! Phil Bryant may not smell oil on the coast but the bar smells money. Slabbed updates the Oil Spill.

This post has a little something for everyone as the media frenzy on BP’s little mess is exceeded only by the feeding frenzy of the legal profession as seemingly every ambulance chasing lawyer in the nation has descended upon the Gulf Coast like a swarm of locusts. And we have some video for those folks that are wondering what the heck Jefferson Parish Council at large members John Young and Tom Capella are doing these days besides suing the blogosphere as it appears they are hunting a new washed up celebrity to pal around with as their boy Steven Seagal is currently out of the picture (due to recent accusations involving making a staffer his sex slave during filming of reality TeeVee show). Well, either that or they are cuddling up with the managing partner of Wendell Gautheir’s old firm, John Houghtaling, hoping they can finagle a redo of the Pan AM Flight 759 crash from 1982 when then Kenner mayor Aaron Broussard managed to steer the boys at the Gautheir firm the lion’s share of the after crash legal work. Lets begin with this Channel 4 video of a washed up Kevin Costner, the gang from Jefferson Parish and Costner’s contraption which he claims will cure the slick:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.941794&w=425&h=350&fv=]
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So with much of the gang in Jefferson Parish accounted for let’s shift over to New Orleans City Business and Ben Myers who covered the attorney problem a bit over a week ago: Continue reading “Gentleman start your attorney! Phil Bryant may not smell oil on the coast but the bar smells money. Slabbed updates the Oil Spill.”