Now for the rest of the story you’ll never see on 4 Investigates or in the Advocate as Slabbed updates Gates v Swartz

Welp folks, it appears Danny Abel and his adopted son Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni never even tried to serve their latest lawsuit on Judge Swartz. Vital background via three part series can be found herehere and here and in another post found here.

Recently Slabbed contacted the Louisiana ODC for comment on the agency’s inability to control rogue lawyers, especially the politically connected ones.  Team Plattsmier was too busy crushing Ashton O’Dwyer to comment.

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Gates v Schwartz Doc 3

Das Boot: Danny Monteverde solves the mysteries surrounding W.G. Landrieu’s DWI arrest

While the young Landrieu may have been drunker than Cooter Brown that is not where he was boozing the night before last folks as our own Jr’s speculation was spot on but for those that want the official skinny on Benjamin “Waxing Gibbous” Landrieu’s DWI arrest should consult with this T-P story by Danny Monteverde.


They say Quarter Moon is a jovial drunk……

Benjamin Landrieu Mug Shot / OPSO

Early this morning Mayor Half Moon’s 19 year old son Benjamin was arrested for DWI after a 5AM fender bender uptown on Broadway. I’ll add that had the young Landrieu received that DWI while he was a student at Jesuit, they would have expelled him, just as the child of a prominent member of the media was expelled not long ago for the exact thing. They take such things very seriously in the land of the Bluejay.

Of course Benjamin’s smiling face reminds me of another jovial drunk whose mug has been featured on Slabbed. My own opinion is Ben is far more photogenic.


Are there more charges coming against Goatherder Aaron Broussard along with Tom Wilkinson? You betcha!

You bet your sweet bippy there are folks.  One of the first tips I got on the scandal in Jefferson Parish was the fixing of DWI cases in exchange for legal payola and I have heard rumors from several sources that indicate the Feds are also now wise to the Broussard / Wilkinson scam of getting kickbacks from lawyers that had lawsuits involving the Parish.  The final piece of that puzzle came today thus allowing this disclosure. This would mean by extension there are members of the NOLA area bar that should also be scared shitless and I’m assuming they are folks.

It strongly appears as if Team Uncle Sam will not stop until Head Goatherder in Charge Aaron Broussard is completely crushed, along with Tom Wilkinson. That is all.


Slabbed checks another politician into the drunk tank: District Court Judge Jacques Sanborn welcome to Slabbed

Before we ran Jim Brown’s column on Louisiana’s dysfunctional DWI laws I had no clue the topic of drunk driving would prove to be such a target rich environment but now it appears that we are well on our way to accumulating an extensive body of work on this subject which also helps explain why Louisiana’s auto insurance rates are the highest in the nation. Along those lines I offer the Slabbed Nation District Court Judge Jacques Sanborn from St Bernard Parish. Let’s begin with the Times Picayune’s Bob Warren and recount how the Judge almost killed two motorist driving drunk perhaps receiving favorable treatment in the process:

St. Bernard Parish Judge Jacques Sanborn was cited for DWI early Thursday after crashing his Dodge Charger into another vehicle in Arabi, authorities said.

State Police Trooper Melissa Matey said Sanborn, 60, of Chalmette, was brought to an area hospital with unspecified injuries after the 3:32 a.m. crash. He refused to submit to a blood test, but the trooper who responded to the crash conducted a field sobriety test and smelled alcohol, Matey, a Troop B spokeswoman, said. Continue reading “Slabbed checks another politician into the drunk tank: District Court Judge Jacques Sanborn welcome to Slabbed”

Slabbed again visits the topic of drunk driving as we tie a few things together. Craig Codina meet Scott Walker.

Driving under the influence has been very topical of late here on Slabbed as we’ve ended up with a series of posts that began with Jim Brown’s January 12, 2010 column on Louisiana’s dysfunctional DWI laws, continuing with our examination of why DWI enforcement in Jefferson Parish Louisiana stink as we examined the case of Craig Codina, a serial drunk driver who ended up killing 30-year-old Sandra Stevens of New Orleans in August 2009. For those newer readers who want to catch up, the short version of the Jefferson Parish story is that the attorney position responsible for overseeing prosecution of such matters in Jefferson Parish is filled by a political hack in disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s daughter in law Norma. Of course incomps have to be put in such positions and Slabbed rightfully called out Norma’s boss DA Paul Connick and the Times Picayune for making excuses for him in straight news reporting. (I’ll be circling back to that Connick post in a bit.) Not one to be left out, we next profiled Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, a lawman who must be a big believer in second chances as he finally got rid of drunk deputy Dominick Imbornone after he was caught dead drunk behind the wheel of his police car for a second time! As the video embed followup I posted clearly indicates dead drunk was not too strong a phrase to describe Imbornone.

Now that everyone is caught up lets begin by catching up the coverage here at Slabbed as Codina finally received justice after killing Ms Stevens in his 5th DWI as Paul Purpura reported for the Times Picayune: Continue reading “Slabbed again visits the topic of drunk driving as we tie a few things together. Craig Codina meet Scott Walker.”