Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 2

The post was insanely good except for one part but before we get to the post and part to which I refer, let’s visit with this New York Times story from 5 days ago:

The question is no longer who has been hacked. It’s who hasn’t?

The Washington Post can be added to the growing list of American news organizations whose computers have been penetrated by Chinese hackers.

After The New York Times reported on Wednesday that its computers as well as those of Bloomberg News had been attacked by Chinese hackers, The Wall Street Journal said on Thursday that it too had been a victim of Chinese cyberattacks.

The above illustrates the vulnerability of sophisticated corporate networks to hacking but we also learned that from News Corp in the UK in 2012.  I mention this because last month the Times Picayune’s Gordon Russell wrote a story on Fred Heebe’s witch hunt for a private citizen that used the guest computer at the International House Hotel to comment on about the scandal in Jefferson Parish, specifically Dutchie Connick’s role in the alleged conspiracy between the River Birch Landfill and the Broussard Administration to put in the fix in favor of River Birch and close the Parish’s own landfill.

And that brings me to that insanely good post I mentioned at the beginning as I have previously linked it twice on Slabbed, Jason Berry’s A corner piece of the commenter puzzle.  I featured that post in part 1 of this series and I need to feature it again to set up the balance of this post, which will be both long and thorough. Jason set up 4 possibilities which would explain how Fred Heebe ended up knowing the mystery commenters opined on Dutchie Connick from the International House computer along with the email address that he used to register with and I summarize:

1.  The IP information of this commenter was obtained from a second party marketer or vendor?……..
2.  Someone within the NOLA Media Group or Advanced Publications shared the IP and identifying information with Heebe’s defense team that allowed them to track the commenter back to the hotel………
3.  Advanced Publications/ servers were hacked………
4.  Heebe’s team somehow knew that the commenter was using the hotel’s computer already and they put a keystroke recorder on it in order to track down the exact time and date the commenter was using it……….

He then opines that the application of Occam’s Razor results in bullet point #2 being the most likely scenario. I disagree and will add a 5th possibility. None of the above. Continue reading “Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 2”

Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..

Folks monitoring a PACER docket is sometimes an interesting exercise in compare and contrast. For example earlier this week Paul Rioux at the T-P wrote a PACER based story on the latest newsworthy developments on the Parish’s suit against Waste Management. The long and short of it is both parties want the July 11 trial postponed as their mutual love and affection continues to grow. But there was something in Rioux’s story that bothered me to the point where I pondered the subject matter over the past couple of days before writing a post on the topic. Two sentences in two paragraphs in fact:

Young’s administration had not responded by Tuesday evening to a request for information on how much the suit has cost the parish. Margie Seemann, vice chairwoman of Citizens for Good Government, said the parish’s response to her recent public records request pegs the legal bill at $250,000.

Seemann has repeatedly urged the parish to drop the suit and cancel the River Birch contract. But parish officials have said they are continuing the suit in hopes of obtaining a court order declaring the River Birch deal null and void.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know a journalistic dig when I see one. Continue reading “Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..”

The end of the mystery: Paul Rioux reports on the Waste Management suit for the Times Picayune

I was wondering which T-P employee was camped out with us last week on our Waste Management posts. Turns out it was likely Paul Rioux, who checks in today with a long report on the Waste Management suit and the continued revelations about the fix Aaron Broussard and his cronies in Parish government put in for River Birch. My read indicated there was not much new ground broken on the topic but Rioux’s report has a few quotes from River Birch PR man Glenn Smith and is still worth reading.

On this general topic I’ve had a few emails asking my professional opinion of Gwen Bolotte’s performance as Finance Director in this entire fiasco as she did not share her concerns about the shady way the River Birch deal was handled except with the perpetrators.  If she knew of a crime and failed to report it, she should lose her license to practice as a CPA and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That said I think this is more of a case that she feared Tim Whitmer and Tom Wilkinson as both were notorious bullies in the Broussard Administration and she figured standing up and voicing her concerns would cost her job.

I think a fine line separates misprision of felony and employment self-preservation.  If one of my clients had a CFO that was too timid to speak their minds, especially when the going got tough, my advice to the CEO would be to find a new CFO.


Let’s drop another Waste Management nuke as Slabbed presents Gwen Bolotte and Dutchie Connick in Putting in the Fix

April 6, 2004

I received a phone call from Tim Whitmer on my cell  At his request, I called Mr. Whitmer back from a land line. Mr. Whitmer informed me that Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard had meet with representatives of River Birch Landfill to discuss the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further advised that Mr. Broussard was not happy with the way Waste Management treated Bobby Bourgeois and River Birch was a good partner and known in the community. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard was inclined to retain the services of River Birch Landfill to operate the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard discussed with representatives of River Birch your role with Waste Management. Mr. Whitmer stated that Mr. Broussard wanted me to understand that River Birch was willing to retain my services in a similar capacity that I presently serve with Waste Management.

But it gets even better than the above memo from Dutchie Connick as we also have the entirety of Gwen Bolotte’s depo, all 266 pages.

Happy hunting to all and be sure to post away the most damning parts in comments.  This upcoming public meeting on River Birch promises to be a hum dinger!


And the word for the day is Transparency…….

Transparency: trans·par·en·cy

The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information. Example: The disclosure of a relevent and ongoing federal investigation.

Hopefully, since the gang at Team River Birch is suddenly now interested in doing their business dealings with the Parish “publicly and openly” Continue reading “And the word for the day is Transparency…….”

And while Mr Young is busy preparing to release the evaluation of the River Birch contract……..

Slabbaleaks is preparing to release proof Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee has more than a passing interest in the financial success of the River Birch landfill.  I’ll add we’ve consistently been told several elected parish officials feed from the River Birch trough which would explain the Parish government’s fondness for the landfill, which was recently subjected to an old-fashioned FBI raid.  To further whet our readers appetites I’ll add the info I have on Lee is not “shit storm” I promised to roll out:-)

Meantime today our readers can watch John Young try to spin “the fix” via this story from the T-P’s Paul Rioux, whereby paying a dollar more per ton for trash disposal somehow results in savings, at least according to River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith, who must be subbing for the DA’s brother, Dutchie Connick in that role.  Smith and the River Birch people have evidently seen the report, despite the fact the Parish Attorney’s office initially said no to the T-P’s request for same citing pending litigation against Waste Management.

And the beat goes on…..


Someone want to let us in on the chain?

This post has experienced a spike in site traffic lately and if I had to guess the link is being emailed around based on the referral source.  It involves Chris Roberts, Gretna Police Chief Lawson and 2 of his boys including Robert’s staffer Brett Lawson and their connections to Adams and Reese lobbyst Chris Coulon, son of soon to be indicted former Parish President Tim Coulon and DA Conncik’s brother Dutchie Connick and his connection to Kass Brothers Construction and Kass’ connections to the River Birch landfill, whose offices were recently raided by the FBI.  Whew that was a mouthful.


Yes I can verify we have a tough crowd here….

The comments to my earlier post on the rumored indictments in Jefferson Parish and  Bill Hubbard’s sentencing tell that tale.  You gotta be tough to mud wrestle with the slimy alligators that populate Parish Government.  And never take your eye off ’em either because if you do there no telling what the Parish Council will try, even repealing an ordinance they claimed to be in compliance with.

Me thinks the gang is trying to clear the way for Chrissy’s campaign fundraiser.  Is there a Kass-Connick and a landfill in this picture? You betcha there is.


And now a word from our sponsors…..

Only cops talk that way. If they’d been wiseguys, I wouldn’t have heard a thing. I would’ve been dead.

Didn’t matter. It didn’t mean anything. When I was broke, I’d go out and rob some more. We ran everything. We paid off cops. We paid off lawyers. We paid off judges. Everybody had their hands out. Everything was for the taking. And now it’s all over.

And that’s the hardest part. Today everything is different; there’s no action…

For our new readers and long time ones wanting a handy reference guide I consider this post to be our best work on the River Birch Landfill.  We have a good background piece on Fred Heebe here and his wife Jennifer Sneed Heebe here.  Additional resources on “Gretna Style” politician Chris Roberts along with DA Paul Connick’s Bro Dutchie Connick Continue reading “And now a word from our sponsors…..”