SLABBED Daily: July 30 all politics is local

With the Washington Post reporting Rove Had Heavier Hand in Prosecutor Firings Than Previously Known, today’s SLABBED Daily looks at the firing of federal prosecutors from the perspective of all politics is local.

…Rove described himself as merely passing along complaints by senators and state party officials to White House lawyers…

The story focuses on three of the nine U.S. Attorneys fired in 2006 – a group that includes Missouri’s Todd Graves, known to SLABBED readers as counsel for Zach Scruggs in the case that became USA v Scruggs, Scruggs, and Backstrom.

Graves, the U.S. attorney in Missouri, was removed after staff members of Sen. Christopher S. “Kit” Bond (R) repeatedly complained to political aides and lawyers in the White House, according to interviews and the inspector general. Rove, who had done political consulting work for Bond earlier in their careers, said in the interview that he had become aware of the turmoil on the eve of President Bush’s visit to the state.

Graves brings the story home; but Dunn Lampton actually brought it closer.  Lampton, who until his recent resignation had been U.S. Attorney for Mississippi’s Southern District  since 2000, was once slated for a pink slip – and that brings us full circle to Rove’s testimony suggesting all politics is local. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily: July 30 all politics is local”

Meet the “law” man Cori and Kerri Rigsby had to use to blow the whistle on State Farm

This piece in Raw Story pretty much sums it up. Throw in a few known circles of association and the truth, whatever that is, rapidly becomes stranger than fiction.

Back in those days Ollie Diaz was the favorite whipping boy of the political right. Considered a modern day equivalent of Benedict Arnold by the Mississippi GOP he found out leaving “the family” can be a tad difficult.

Them tax laws are widely disregarded IMHO but they have a nasty bite for those who run afoul of them.  A CPA would know better, one would expect a USA would too.