Slabbed Solves Bay St Louis Dumpstergate with one photo

And Saturday night on the way to the ball the gang discussed:

  1. Taxpayer subsidized trash service for a few Old Town Merchants.
  2. Setting up a payment plan for the multitude of Chamber of Commerce members that do business with the City who have not been paid in months.
  3. Let them eat cake.

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Dumpstergate Part Deux: Still never a dull moment here in the Bay

Let’s tell the story of last night’s Bay City Council meeting via twitter:

Meantime the lack of general fund claims dockets has not gone unnoticed as Poolman pointed out in comments here. For my part I was glad to see Tony Trapani take himself out of the dust-up: Continue reading “Dumpstergate Part Deux: Still never a dull moment here in the Bay”

Dumpstergate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay…..

Wes Muller is plowing fertile ground. The back story goes back a few years as this old story by Jennifer Lenain illustrates:

Bay beach restaurant plan faces new hurdles

As a small businessman, all I want from local government is a level competitive playing field. Maybe we should get government subsidized dumpsters for every restaurant in town to level the playing field. Or maybe the City should get out of the commercial trash business. Something is not right when the most expensive part of town gets government subsidy after government subsidy while the folks on Old Spanish Trail have to fight tooth and nail for a sidewalk, even after pedestrians have been hit and killed.

Bay St. Louis restaurateurs shoot down city dump idea ~ Wes Muller