Justice Delayed: Controversial Bay Building Official’s Circuit Court Appeal of DUI Postponed Again

Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger
Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger

Yesterday, Circuit Court Judge Chris Schmidt continued the DUI appeal of controversial Bay St Louis Building Inspector Charles Oliver until the June 2017 court term.  Oliver had previously pleaded no contest to the charge in County Justice Court, which came after he caused an accident with injury on Highway 90 in Bay St Louis during the 2015 Cruisin’ The Coast. Blood drawn pursuant to a warrant after the accident showed that Oliver’s blood alcohol content was in excess of 3 times over the legal limit.

According to a Seacoast Echo report dated May 24, 2016, Oliver was represented by attorney Damian Holcomb, who then shared a law office with then Bay St. Louis city attorney Donald Rafferty. Rafferty was replaced by the Bay City Council in August 2016.

The appeal was originally scheduled to be heard on Tuesday February 21, 2017 but was postponed until February 23 due to a scheduling conflict involving Rafferty, whose role in the case was not clear to spectators in attendance as he did not handle the case in his role as City Prosecutor. On Thursday the matter was then continued by Judge Schmidt to the June Circuit Court term.

Yesterday afternoon Slabbed New Media heard from several concerned citizens that were very unhappy with the fact that Oliver has yet to face justice 16 months after the incident with one observing: Continue reading “Justice Delayed: Controversial Bay Building Official’s Circuit Court Appeal of DUI Postponed Again”

Hizzoner says his friend isn’t going anywhere, a Cruisin’ DUI Arrest Update

Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger
Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger

Geoff Belcher nabbed some comments from Mayor Fillingame and the Sheriff on the arrest of Bay Building Official Charles Oliver for the Seacoast Echo.

Mayor: Arrest won’t affect Bay building official’s employment ~ Geoff Belcher

Adam said there had been rumor’s that Oliver was given “special” treatment since he is a city official.
“In every case, a judge can call up and approve an O.R. bond,” Adam said. “Every case is different. He didn’t get any special treatment.”

Remember folks, if you want to avoid paying a cash bond, complain of chest pains while at the hospital during the execution of the blood warrant.

Now back to the Bay finances. I remember an employee health insurance line on the budget. Would the county have to pay a DUI perpetrator’s medical bills after an accident solely because the perpetrator was arrested for the DUI? Something doesn’t quite seem right about the explanations being offered but it sure was nice of the Sheriff to give the Mayor courtesy after he called the Sheriff asking for Oliver’s release without a cash bond, especially since he’s having to take some flak for it now.

After I get past the deadlines I’m facing I think I’ll try to get up with MADD to get their take on this. Stay tuned.

My sentiments exactly as some of the reasons locals “tolerate” Cruisin’ the Coast come into sharper focus

At least three Biloxi police officers and one Harrison County sheriff’s patrol unit responded to the scene on U.S. 90 at St. John Avenue. Neely was initially stopped for careless driving, Dobbs said, after he did a “burn out” on the road.

“We worry about the potential of people burning out, running into traffic and running into a bunch of people,” Dobbs said. “It also tears up the road. It just blows my mind when other cities allow it. We have zero tolerance for it.”

It blows my mind too as over-oiled cruisers garnering DUIs have now made the news twice over the weekend.

The arrest occurred around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police obtained a search warrant to draw Neely’s blood to test for alcohol and drugs.

In addition, Neely received medical treatment for his injuries at Merit Health in Biloxi where he also submitted to a blood test because of a police search warrant.

Neely was booked into the Harrison County jail at 11:43 p.m. Saturday, the Harrison County jail docket says.

Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set Neely’s total bond at $27,319.

Neely bonded out of jail at 6:46 a.m. Sunday, the docket says.

Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger
Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger

However there is a distinction between the two arrests which made the news because in Bay St. Louis there was a multi-car accident with injury that resulted in the DUI arrest.  Maybe Mr. Neely should have complained of chest pains in Biloxi as Wes Muller updated his story on the arrest of Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver: Continue reading “My sentiments exactly as some of the reasons locals “tolerate” Cruisin’ the Coast come into sharper focus”

Now for the rest of the story you’ll never see on 4 Investigates or in the Advocate as Slabbed updates Gates v Swartz

Welp folks, it appears Danny Abel and his adopted son Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni never even tried to serve their latest lawsuit on Judge Swartz. Vital background via three part series can be found herehere and here and in another post found here.

Recently Slabbed contacted the Louisiana ODC for comment on the agency’s inability to control rogue lawyers, especially the politically connected ones.  Team Plattsmier was too busy crushing Ashton O’Dwyer to comment.

Click the pic to score the 15 page pdf.

Gates v Schwartz Doc 3

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Drunken goatherder Shane D’Antoni aka Shane Gates gets a PR push from Channel 4 (Part 2)

Last night after the 6pm WWL TeeVee newscast I started getting emails from segments of the local legal community that know the walking lawsuits that are Attorney Danny Abel and his “son” Shane Gates. Now I’ll grant it is not unusual for a practicing lawyer to be associated with lawsuits but Abel practices a curious version of the law indeed and wore many hats, from being Nipun Desai’s staff attorney at the Super 8 Motel to Aaron Broussard’s law partner at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview.  Gates, along with Abel business associates Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret often served as Abel’s in-house plaintiffs for his lawsuits but before I get to all that we need more background for you newbies reading this.

Here on Slabbed we know this social/political network as the Goatherders and it was formerly lead by new Dragon Queen Aaron Broussard and the network includes media members like WWL TeeVee morning man Eric Paulsen, who evidently lived with Abel and Gates in Slidell before Katrina.  Ironically it was Slabbed coverage of Paulsen’s lawsuit against State Farm that earned Slabbed the first threats of a defamation suit from Broussard and Abel’s business associates in Canada, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.  Once upon a time Abel and Perret were gay lovers and along with Broussard, Leary and Gates formed life long business associations including advertising what appears to be money laundering /tax evasion services via the Costa Rica Company Cerro Coyote SA, which Aaron Broussard sold shares in to politically connected parish contractors like Carl Eberts dating to the late 1990s.  It is through that lens that I and a few area lawyers that know the gang filtered last night’s lawsuit PR pump Gates received from WWL TeeVee as Slabbed will now tell the rest of the story.

As Lockemuptight’s sharp eye caught, the fact that Perlstein’s report omitted the reason Gates was stopped by St Tammany Parish Sheriff’s deputies was evident and thus Perlstein’s story is incomplete.  Gates’ lawyer, Magnum J.D.’s partner James Williams, points to the not guilty verdict and the fact Gates closed on his new GTO 20 minutes at a local car dealership before being stopped as proof Gates was not drunk.  I say those two facts prove nothing and here is why.  The BAC tests were lost and thus could not be presented into evidence.  If I were on Gates criminal trial jury I too would have voted to acquit him in record time on charges related to drunk driving without the BAC evidence.  Simply put no BAC test, no case unless there was video, which in this case there is not. That said the blood test were drawn at the Heart Hospital by an RN unaffiliated with the tussle. The test was lost leaving only the results for the Louisiana Court of Appeals to mention as a case fact in a decision that benefitted Gates. The Heart Hospital was also sued by Gate’s in this matter.  2.7BAC is very high and it would not take much liquor for a 145 pound guy like Gates to get there.

What makes this interesting is a few months before Gates ended up in dutch with the law, Matt Labash at the Weekly Standard was in New Orleans visiting with his friends Danny Abel and Shane Gates writing eloquently about the visit in late March 2006.  Here is a snippet:

I NEVER PASS THROUGH NEW ORLEANS without seeing two of my favorite people: Danny Abel and Shane Gates. They are large-hearted men, generous and true, and both possess a drinking companion’s most desirable trait: They stay until closing time. I met them nearly a decade ago, when profiling Danny’s then law-partner, the late Wendell “The Goat” Gauthier, a legend of the trial bar who sued anything that moved, and probably many things that didn’t.

Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Drunken goatherder Shane D’Antoni aka Shane Gates gets a PR push from Channel 4 (Part 2)”

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Channel 4’s Mike Perlstein promotes a drunk driver (Part 1)

Welp folks, looks like WWL TeeVee’s Eric Paulsen has fed his coworker Mike Perlstein a sweeps month turd sandwich that will likely be a bit hard going down.  What can I say but this series of posts will have a little something for everyone in Magnum’s partner James Williams plus Paulsen’s Goatherder friends Danny Abel and Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni as Perlstein takes a crack at Gates v Strain, promoting a drunk driver with a history of suing for police brutality.  To tell the sad tale of TeeVee news gone wild we must first show the Perlstein report on the subject:

Slabbed checks another politician into the drunk tank: This time it is Jindy’s Commish of Administration Paul “Can’tholdhisfirewater” Rainwater

The subject of drunk driving is one that comes up here on Slabbed from time to time. This time it is Bobby Jindal’s Commish of Administration Paul Rainwater, a man apparently in need of a 12 recovery step type program. Then again if I worked for Bobby Jindal I’d have a strong urge to drink too.

Seriously folks, here we are in another holiday season and our leaders are setting a very poor example for the public to follow.  Drunk drivers extract a terrible personal toll on their victims.  Someone needs to strap Rainwater into a chair and make him watch the following until it sinks in. Next time call a cab!



Slabbed expresses our condolences to Chief Weatherford and his family on the loss of his daughter to a drunk driver

This is a topic that I have written a great deal about here on Slabbed and tragically today we learn that a drunk driver took the life of Gulfport police chief Alan Weatherford’s daughter. On behalf of the Slabbed Nation we express our condolences to Chief Weatherford and his family and hope their pain and loss is assuaged in time.


Since we’re talking drunk driving today how about this from a reader.

I am familar with the story of northshore resident Ashlee Stokes and her very unfortunate run in with a drunk driver. Turns out she was able to return to school recently, almost two years after her accident. Doug Mouton at WWL TV has the story

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.936220&w=425&h=350&fv=]
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