Exactly one thought on the deterioration of Drew Brees’ play at the end of this season

The Advocate’s Nick Underhill strongly implied on a podcast last week before the Rams game that Drew Brees had some sort of undisclosed injury. Whatever injury he has wasn’t evident from the film but the deterioration in his mechanics beginning with the Dallas game strongly implies an injury as his first pass against the Eagles illustrated. This is not the first time this has happened, Drew Brees is a warrior who is tough enough to play with a knee needing surgery.

Worse for Brees was that four of his five offensive linemen were also hurt. That every one of them played through the pain is a testament to the pride they all take in their craft. It doesn’t make the loss to the Rams sting any less but it does explain why the offense faded in the last quarter of the season.

Sean Payton is notoriously secretive with player injuries. I imagine if Brees was hurt that news will officially bubble up sometime before the next training camp is done.


Has the Who Dat Nation seen the last of guard Carl Nicks?  There are a bunch of dominos fixing to fall into place one way or the other with our beloved Saints. Mike Triplett over at the T-P has some analysis of the Drew Brees contract talks. Meantime Grandmaster Wang over at Moosedenied figures guard Carl Nicks will be a casualty of the Brees contract.

I remain cautiously optimistic Brees, Nicks and Colston will be back. Neither Jonathan Vilma nor Sedrick Ellis 2011 performances are worthy of the scarce 2012 salary cap dollars they command.


After last night’s Saint victory parade, Drew stopped in for a chant

Not only are our boys world champs they love mixing with the fans. The mutual love literally oozes from the video.

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