Tuesday Links

God bless him an AP reporter managed to make a story out of yesterday’s legislative audit report on the sand berms. Folks, a reader was kind enough to alert me about the 12 page report yesterday, I read it and found it marginally interesting but not enough to make a post out of it.  In a way it is an interim report to the Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration as Shaw and the OCPR are still working to resolve the remaining cost items. The amount of money in question ($500K) is miniscule to the total $251MM spent on Bermdoggle by Jindy and his political lap dogs Nunny, Mini-me etc.

Speaking of Mini-me wouldn’t a similar cost audit provision been nice in the (non)Performing Arts fiasco. Gambitman Clancy DuBos thinks something criminal may have occurred but remains off in the weeds with the focus on Wiznia IMHO. We agree on the need for a federal investigation though. 😉

Today is general election day here in Mississippi. I like the fact the Sun Herald did not make endorsements in every race. I’m most interested in the state senate race in Long Beach and the house district 122 race in Bay-Waveland. In Long Beach the GOP ran a series of highly misleading ads that ended up being pulled against incumbent Deborah Dawkins. That race is a rematch of the 2007 election featuring the daughter of the mayor of Long Beach. In House district 122 David Baria managed to out-fundraise Dorothy Wilcox by $20K. Continue reading “Tuesday Links”

File this one under those that live in glass houses should not throw stones….

I had a chance to surf the blogs here in Mississippi I monitor and noticed this post about the upcoming election in Mississippi House District 122 on Cottonmouth, which is the Mississippi Democrat alternative to hard-line GOP asset Yall Politics. In the post the folks at Cottonmouth call GOP candidate Dorothy Wilcox “slime”, which I found to be a curious way to describe the lady whose husband and family date back as Waveland/Hancock County residents for more than the 42 years I’ve been associated with the place.  In fact I’ll add the Wilcox family are quality people.

There are only 2 people in this world that can get me off a topic, Nowdy and Mrs Sop. The stakes are high in District 122 as control of the Mississippi House of Representatives could well hang in the balance.  I mention this because IMHO Mr Baria has serious ethical issues and as a voter I am not very comfortable with the fact that I think he represents mainly himself in the legislature.  OTOH Dorothy Wilcox has drunk heavily from the GOP koolaid dispenser and that is very troubling too though I think she is honest and running for the seat for all the right reasons.

So what we are left with is a real stinker of a choice to make here in District 122, at least from my perspective.  Mud slinging will make the choice easier for me folks.  The mailer is inane I’ll grant but the photoshop of the original photo is pretty good IMHO.  Maybe our own Patricia will save the pic for later use.  😉