Heebe drops his suit against Perricone: Like we thought, the whole Mencken=Perricone deal was mostly posturing

Not that Sal Perricone wasn’t 100% right in resigning his job with the US Attorney’s office after commenting on cases he was handling because what he did was wrong from an ethical standpoint but we’ve said all along Fred Heebe had no defamation case against Perricone and the latest news that Heebe has dismissed his suit against Perricone reinforces that.  In fact hanging the threat of later litigation in the dismissal motions may be sanctionable conduct on part of his lawyers according to legal observers that speak with Slabbed.

Since this whole deal broke the public has gotten to witness plenty of peacocking, huffing and puffing by many of the recipients of Perricone’s online barbs including former AUSA/Tee Vee legal analyst Donald “Chick” Foret and frankly it was over the top.  In my view and despite the ethical problems associated with a prosecutors commenting online about cases they handle,  most of Perricone’s comments line up nicely with sentiments expressed here on Slabbed by members of the very same legal community to which Perricone belongs, including his assertion that Heebe comes from a “long line of corruptors”.

That the various defense attorneys are using Perricone ‘s comments to the hilt should come as no surprise as these guys are seasoned enough to use all the arrows in their quiver, including gifts such as the one Perricone served up commenting on the Times Picayune.  At the end of the day the upcoming prosecutions will be about the crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by the various defendants such as Big D and not what Perricone wrote on the internet though the comments guaranteed Perricone a place in the narrative regardless of his current employment status.


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I watched 75 minutes of Fox 8’s late news last night and am in lockstep with Jason on how he is calling this. Simply put dredging up Cedric Richmond to talk about anyone’s integrity or lack thereof, is about as bad as Tommy Tucker at Payola radio lowering the boom on Perricone.

Maybe instead of  yammering about suing Perricone on the TeeVee, perhaps Pat Fanning and Chick Foret should put their money where their mouths are and file suit if they think Perricone defamed them.  And about Perricone’s alleged threat directed at Ray Ray the Chocolate guy?  If it were that serious, why was nothing done about it when the comment was left years ago, instead of way after the fact when the identity of the poster became known? Simple folks, because Ray Ray did not perceive a threat by what Perricone allegedly wrote back in the day, though I’ll grant the comment in question did come close to crossing the mythical line.

I’m not taking up for Perricone but the “news” coverage now has me scratching my head. The lesson here folks is if you value your privacy, especially if you are a proverbial knowledgable insider, stay away from newspaper and TeeVee websites as these businesses will, if given the opportunity, eat their own young in exchange for ratings.