Slabbed news miscellany: The news gods smile upon us.

So I got the music post up and was headed out the door to Buzzard’s Roost for a late Friday afternoon appointment when the phone rang and my appointment cancelled. Then Sock emailed me the link to a breaking story involving newly elected 24th Judicial District Judge Ray Steib, by all accounts a conservative guy, who nonetheless garnered the Slabbed Seal of Approval because we thought he was honest. In fact we still do think he is honest and impartial and we hope he will maintain a distance from the corrupting influences of Magnum JD.

Lest I digress further I’ll add the Louisiana Judicial Commission also evidently thinks Steib the honest sort as they absolved him of the complaints filed by his two former opponents for Joan Benge’s old seat on the court as reported today by Paul Purpura. This is rich because these guys who filed the complaints, Times Picayune endorsed Ungarino & Eckert partner Don Klotz and a former occupant of the “Warren Suite” at the Do Slabb Inn, Debbie Villio have all sorts of skeletons, especially Villio who popped back up on the Slab just this morning in connection with potential payroll fraud in Parish Government. Ungarino & Eckert, well let’s just say those guys don’t enjoy a very good rep among their peers at the present time.

Next up is a guest post by SupaSleuth in comments involving good old-fashioned kickbacks on various crime camera programs across the state of Louisiana.  Today the Tech Chief for Baton Rouge hit the exits as this scandal, with origins in the Nagin Administration, has spread like wildfire.

Finally the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals bitch slapped Judge Ivan Lemelle and his screwed up, pro defense pretrial ruling in the criminal case involving Dollar Bill Jefferson’s brother Moses Jefferson and his squeeze, former NOLA City Councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt.  Judge Lemelle has a record of some very dubious rulings in the insurance litigation though he remains Ashton’s favorite judge in all of the LAED.  😉 Continue reading “Slabbed news miscellany: The news gods smile upon us.”

Times Picayune endorses Villio’s opponent! – and, well they should, as Jefferson Parish is “Where entanglements are status quo”

The Times Picayune endorsed Don Klotz for the 24th Judicial District Court position sought by Jefferson Parish insider Debbio Villio.

Mr. Klotz is a career military man, having served six years in the U.S. Air Force, and continues to serve in the Army Reserves. He holds a juris doctorate from the Loyola University School of Law. While he is currently an attorney in private practice, most of his experience has been gleaned in the military courts, where he served as a prosecutor and as defense counsel. The winner of this special election will fill a vacancy created last fall when the state Supreme Court removed Joan Benge from office for making a ruling in a civil case on issues other than the evidence. The 24th Judicial District is still recovering from the federal Operation Wrinkled Robe investigation that sent two judges to federal prison. Authorities said that Ms. Benge’s misconduct was uncovered during that probe. That’s why it is imperative that the division’s newest jurist be beyond reproach. We believe that Mr. Klotz is the best candidate for this job.

Although speaking of Jefferson Parish in general, TP columnist James Gill made the point in Where entanglements are status quo: ‘It is only natural, in the sleazy network of Jefferson Parish officialdom, that seemingly unrelated scandals should turn out to overlap.” Continue reading “Times Picayune endorses Villio’s opponent! – and, well they should, as Jefferson Parish is “Where entanglements are status quo””