I almost hate to bring this up…..

But then again never in my life would I have ever expected the Mississippi State Auditor to use the power of the office to obstruct journalism in the public interest so as to spare his political friends and associates embarrassment in the wake of the DMR scandal. Auditor Pickering earned himself a contempt of court citation for that one, which he happily took for the family.

I mention this because one of my better sources there in Jackson County has unequivocally indicated to Slabbed that Jackson Co. D.A. Tony Lawrence’s daughter previously clerked at Dogan and Wilkinson and has publicly expressed an interest in working there after law school. If what I am told is true and Pascagoula is a small enough community where such things would be widely known in the legal circles, I question the thinking that went into Mr. Lawrence leading any investigation into the doings at SRHS, where Dogan and Wilkinson played a central role in the unfolding disaster.

I never had much faith in the Mississippi investigative community and what little I had was shattered when Pickering, former AUSA John Dowdy and pals misused a federal Grand Jury subpoena to seal up the DMR records.  Even if Mr. Lawrence has the best of intentions, the appearance of a conflict of interest is enough for me. Mr. Lawrence should step aside.

Drama, always much drama over Jackson County way……..

My own opinion is DA Tony Lawrence is hotter than a hornet at Sheriff Byrd starting with the “Pot Doc“, continuing with Tater Nuts and other problems far far beyond those.

Claiming Jackson County sheriff contacted witnesses, DA seeks to revoke Mike Byrd’s bond ~ April Havens

I am hearing troubling things about the State’s DMR Investigation

I would remind people that a state prosecution into wrongdoing at DMR involves a two step process:

  1. Investigation by investigative agency, in the case of a State Agency like DMR that would be the Office of the State Auditor and,
  2. The State Attorney General and/or local District Attorney receiving referral and taking this referral to the grand jury for indictment and prosecution.

Another way of looking at this would be to examine the opposite because logic tells us the opposite is also implied thus some who committed a crime could avoid prosecution:

  1. By a botched investigation and,
  2. By the prosecutor refusing an otherwise good case

For reasons why the opposite should be considered, I recommend Hanlon’s Razor as a starting point for the subsequent analysis.

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