So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..

He did folks, just the other night in fact.  Here is a very small snippet:

Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick did not run for re-election last year. But he still spent close to $100,000 of campaign money.

Many of the charges came from restaurants: $665 at Gautreau’s, $608 at Crescent City Steakhouse, $365 at Lilette, $330 at Clancy’s, $1400 at Antoine’s. In 2011, Connick charged meals to his campaign 88 different times.

He also bought a $140 wedding gift at Adler’s. In late May, he bought three holiday gifts from Friend and Company worth $567. And he bought a $2600 computer from Best Buy.

Now I noted that Fox 8 has gone to a new internet video platform and I hoped I’d be able to embed the video report here on Slabbed since Lee does Tee Vee news but alas I’m still having technical difficulties that way. That said Lee did not get the whole story and he should keep digging. Here is a video hint below the fold: Continue reading “So Lee Zurik decided to take on Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick…..”

The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and

And what is ‘quid pro quo’ corruption ?

A regular commenter on Slabbed, ‘lockemuptight’ recently shared this rather pointed insight:

“…Despite the fact that the parish is still on the hook for a $55 million loan from FEMA the Council will spend the very last penny of public taxpayers money to protect their political thief-doms and to continue the solidarity of the council conspiracy. A conspiracy dedicated to the monopolization of certain parish contracts by certain campaign rich, parish contractors . Why not, it seems to be the newly, voter accepted Mafioso style of politically privileged capitalism.”

There are many avenues that campaign contributions to the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso take. These contributions almost always guarantee business with the Parish, whether engineering and/or architectural services; contractors of buildings, streets and other infrastructure; consultants for any number issues such as garbage or IT are almost universally heavy contributors to campaigns. However it is the millions and millions of dollars in legal fees paid to lawyers and law firms outside of the Parish Attorney’s Office that remains under the radar, and consequently mostly unknown to the public. In this matter there is no transparency! Continue reading “The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and”

Just another day in the state ethics board neighborhood….

Screen Capture Courtesy of the Mississippi Informer /

With our last post examining the ethics of a local ethics professor generating such interest a second post on the general topic is certainly in order.  IMHO one of the most thankless public service jobs has to be as a non political staffer at your local State Ethics Administration.  Both Louisiana and Mississippi’s are fairly ineffective by design of the political class and indeed just a year ago the Mississippi Business Journal called out Ben Stone, chair of the Mississippi Ethics Commission for blatant double-dealing. Along those same lines it appears as if the Louisiana Ethics Commission is routinely neutered by the courts and/or the legislature but the folks at the Louisiana Ethics Administration has Mississippi beat by miles in the transparency department as a few clicks on their website gets you the meeting agendas in advance. Website like that are favorite of the journalistic class for good reason.

So today I take a reader tip and click away and we find a clue that the insurance portion of what would become known as the Jefferson Parish Corruption Scandal is still percolating away as the various slow motion wheels of government grind, cuss and discuss Mr Scott Fontenot and Fontenot and Associates. Names such as Tim Coulon, Tim Whitmer, Wally Pontiff among others also occupy this general vicinity of the scandal. I’ll add that I have reason to believe the federal grand jury has also taken a look at Fontenot so there is a reasonable basis to surmise he may be in bigger trouble than the potential $210,000 in fines plus forfeitures.

Along those lines the last council meeting as portrayed thus far on Slabbed deal with garbage as the Parish awarded the new landfill contract to IESI despite the fact their bid was more expensive than Waste Management’s and that indeed was a big deal. Discussed both here in comments and elsewhere was the redundant hiring of a Parish Council Legal Analyst, the brainchild of the ethically challenged, bucktoothed  interim councilman Mike Thomas. But my mind is open to the possibility the most underhanded double deal of them all was the selection of Coventry for the Parish’s health insurance.  I suspect the evaluation committee scores for that contract would be interesting reading. Continue reading “Just another day in the state ethics board neighborhood….”

Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..

Folks I have some stuff in the pipeline on the subject of Grand Isle Government but there is one problem on the island that reminded me of a famous South Park episode from season 2, Chicken Lover. Now that particular episode had a little something for everyone in the Slabbed Nation from Ayn Rand to certain unspeakable sex crimes. So while I develop the material here is a teaser in a video post of certain of the problems in State v Dantin. First is the simulated crime:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.998797&w=425&h=350&fv=]

and now one of the problems Continue reading “Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..”

Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update

In Paul Purpura’s latest update to the saga of David Carmadelle’s stepdad Molestin’ Jerry Dantin we have a new player enter the field in the Nielsen Law Firm, which is evidently representing the town of Grand Isle in the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit. Let’s circle Gerald Nielsen’s folks for now.  I’ve had a front row seat on this for some time now so for our newer readers such as our new friend Noladishu here is a quick recap of what we know:

Last year not long before the oil spill Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle’s stepdad molested a 6 year old boy. We know this because despite the best efforts of police chief Euris Dubois to gum up the works, Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of the child’s mother, who will remain nameless to protect the identity of the minor child. Since then Dantin’s lawyers have been trying to get the confession excluded but he has lost each step of the way including to the LA Supremes which refused to grant writs.

Because of the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit against Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle, my mind is open to the possibility there was indeed an official attempted coverup involving Dubois and Carmadelle.  There are other politicians rumored to be involved in that general aspect of this case but I won’t name them at this time. Continue reading “Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update”

John Young you magnificently ignorant slut……..

Sure he’s not as bad as Broussard or TheRiot but Young comes with his own set of problems including a certain character flaw that not only unnecessarily complicates his life but will end up doing him in politically.  Bottom line is I’ve seen enough folks and its time to call this one the way I see it. ~ sop

Anatomy of a sex crime coverup (or is that f*ckup): Slabbed examines Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle and his pedophile stepdad Jerry Dantin

Folks this is a case we’ve been following from a far for couple of months now and we were late to the party as the signature of Jerry Dantin’s crimes against a 6 year old boy circulated online not long after Dantin molested the innocent child last April. It appears an attempt to cover up Dantin’s crimes occured IMHO but for purposes of this post I need to convey one of the allegations against Dantin to give our readers a flavor for the man’s crime, one of a couple of acts of perversion to which he subsequently confessed.

This topic is frankly hard to write about as we’re very mindful of the privacy needs of the minor child and frankly the entire episode is disgusting. That said I managed to find a video clip which will convey some of what Dantin did to that previously innocent 6 year old and it is embedded below the fold: Continue reading “Anatomy of a sex crime coverup (or is that f*ckup): Slabbed examines Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle and his pedophile stepdad Jerry Dantin”

DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate

Mayor Tim Kerner, the de facto Dictator of Lafitte, along with his miscreants on the Town Council, were all “re-anointed” as a result of the total lack of CITIZEN/VOTER participation and the resignation of defeat by a populace whose apathy can best be described as an insult to all members of our military that have died in the past and are serving presently to instill the goals of a republican democratic process around the world, buttressed on the freedom to vote !

And I quote from the delusional Dictator himself:

“Kerner said he feels honored to be re-elected without opposition. “It’s really a wonderful thing. It makes me want to work even harder to do a good job for the people of Lafitte,” he said.

What election fool ? What tripe ! You and others hold office only as a result of the public’s default of their moral obligation and responsibility to honor and maintain the constitutional electoral system guaranteed by our Republican Democracy. God forbid that this should be the norm in Jefferson Parish and/or any of its parochial cities/towns within its political boundaries.

So of course the most arrogant High Porkness Roberts is deserving of the same…Kerner is only a Dictator of a small province within ‘my’ principality…I am entitled to my princely rule…why else would I have spent $190,000 thousand dollars in 2009 from my campaign fund to buy my new Mardi Gras Float, a tractor to pull the float, maintain an antique Fire Engine to put out the fire on the float caused from an electrical overload of the $40,000 Thousand PLUS Dollars of sound and video equipment bought to entertain my subjects along the parade route while I throw them the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars of Chinese beads and favors. Not to mention the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars spent on golf carts in Las Vegas for those special campaign contributors, and the Thousands of Dollars for ‘transportation’ for my private party during the Jefferson Parish Politico Whore Extravaganza known as the Tarpon Rodeo. Oh yea, the snowball stand…around $7,000 Thousand Dollars… Continue reading “DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate”