Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.

We’re not holding our breath for the ODC to do anything about the rest of the crooked lawyers associated with the now impeached of Judge Tom pOrteous given their treatment of morally bankrupt lawyer Claude Lightfoot but the 5th Circuit finally did the right thing in Turner v Pleasant, a case involving periodic Slabbed fav Dick Chopin that we originally profiled here. The long and short of the case is best described by the 5th Circuit:

Ada and Ronnie Turner were on a small fishing boat on the Intracoastal Waterway in Houma, Louisiana. They were passed by a yacht controlled by Neal Pleasant. The Turners allege that the high speed and size of the yacht created large swells in the waterway. The swells grew so large that the Turners’ boat was thrown into the air. The Turners claim that Ada Turner injured her back when she landed.

Porteous fixed the case for his friend Dick Chopin, the Turners were hosed and were unsuccessful in their appeal of the fact that Porteous was a crooked sack of shit who fixed the case. Fast forward to last year and Porteous’ impeachment which was a game changer for the Turners as yesterday the 5th Circuit reversed themselves and concluded that yes, Tom Porteous was indeed a corrupt sack of shit that fixed cases for his enablers including Dick Chopin and this folks is not good for the insurance company that is involved in the background, Standard Fire and Casualty. Click the pics below to get the 10 page pdf of yesterday’s decision. Hat tip to NRB for the order and heads up. ~ sop Continue reading “Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.”

The Louisiana ODC breaks out the wet noodle and gives Lawyer Claude Lightfoot a pass on fraudulent legal conduct, A why the legal system is broken update.

Of all the stories we’ve covered on Slabbed the Impeachment of US District Court Judge G Thomas Porteous was some of our most nationally recognized in terms of major news outlets reading us for background and real time information. I mention this because we were harboring no illusions that the disciplinary process for the host of unethical dishonest lawyers that enabled some of Porteous’ most egregious conduct would result in anything other than window dressing and have no consequences that would deter the type of outrageous behavior uncovered by the impeachment proceedings.  Today I hate to see our low expectations were probably not set low enough as Drew Broach at the Times Picayune breaks the news that lawyer Claude Lightfoot, the guy who falsified a bankruptcy petition for Porteous and his wife, has been suspended for a one month for his role in corrupting the legal process.

Those so interested can read the opinion at the LADB website here.  To justify giving Lightfoot the wet noodle they had to concoct an excuse and it appears the fact Mrs pOrteous boo hooed in front of Claude was enough justification for a 20 year veteran lawyer to completely abandon his sense of ethics as far as the LADB was concerned:

Although not mentioned by the Committee, the record supports substantial experience in the practice of law as the sole aggravating factor in this matter. The Committee declined to include the additional aggravating factors put forth by ODC of (a) a dishonest and selfish motive; and (b) a pattern of misconduct. The Board likewise does not find these two aggravating factors as (a) the record reflects that Respondents misguided effort to help his clients was motivated by compassion for his clients; there is nothing in the record that supports he was motivated by selfish reasons or dishonest reasons; and (b) the record makes it clear that Respondents misconduct in this matter is a single blemish on an otherwise reputable and meaningful 24 year law career. Continue reading “The Louisiana ODC breaks out the wet noodle and gives Lawyer Claude Lightfoot a pass on fraudulent legal conduct, A why the legal system is broken update.”

Its Official! Thomas Porteous has resigned from the practice of law

He brought dishonor on himself, those that associated with him and his family name by not resigning from the bench, preferring instead impeachment and conviction by Congress. With the handwriting on the wall, he saves the do-little Chuck Plattsmeier and his band of blind mice at the Louisiana ODC the work of booting him from the legal profession by resigning from the practice of law.

Unfortunately for Plattsmeir, there is still the matter of Dick Chopin, Joseph Mole and Don Gardner, and Claude Lightfoot, Porteous enablers all, that have thus far skated on any discipline for their grossly unethical behavior with the former judge. We won’t be holding our breath though because the ODC seemingly only regulates those lawyers that are not politically connected.


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How about some media reaction to yesterday’s Porkeous the Pig roast

In the world of high finance the adage bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered applies here folks.  Thomas Porteous’ sin wasn’t that his behavior was all that unusual for the local bench, which is pretty damn corrupt.  Rather the fact that he was so out front with his hoggish behavior, which in turn made him a far easier mark for less than ethical lawyers like Dick Chopin who showered the judge with free gifts, trips and the like in exchange for favorable rulings in cases they had before him is what landed him in Edith Jones bad graces over at the Federal 5th Circuit.

There has been great disagreement in the Slabbed Nation about the effectiveness of Jonathan Turley’s representation of Porteous.  Team Porteous was very happy with Turley in that he made sure lots of dirty laundry was aired but I think his defense, which seemed predicated on the notion that legal and judicial ethics are somehow different down here was soundly repudiated. To the extent there is no such thing as bad publicity Turley lives to fight another day while his client comes home a pariah in respectable legal circles.

There are literally almost 600 news stories and counting from across the globe on the occasion of the 8th removal of a federal judge from the bench in this nation’s history.  I’m going to focus in on three pieces.

Jesse Singal at the Boston Globe chimes in on the bankruptcy fraud count: Continue reading “How about some media reaction to yesterday’s Porkeous the Pig roast”

BREAKING: Porteous the pig is impeached and convicted (Updated and corrected)

The vote is going on as we speak.  All articles approved.

Here is the breaking story from the Times Picayune.

Folks we are all fixing to find out if Chuck Plattsmier and his ODC are really limp wristed nutless wonders or if they are serious about the judicial and legal misconduct revealed in this case from sleazy operators like Dick Chopin, Don Gardner, Tom Wilkinson and Joseph Mole.

Stay tuned folks.


MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post

Yes, I afraid so craplapalooza...and yes, oy vey is right !

Unlike Enstein’s Theory of Relativity which enriched the sciences of physics and astronomy, Mole’s theory of Rationalization decays the social tenets of ethics and morals.

This is yet another installment in the seemingly ‘neverending story’ of the impeachment proceedings against Tom Porteous, Federal Judge, LAED.  Mr. Joseph Mole became an active participant in this debacle when he enrolled as counsel for Landmark in the infamous Liljeberg case heard by Porteous while he was an sitting judge.

The facts and the legal issues concerning this case are irrelevant to the labyrinth of depravity I intend to critique; that being the presence of the ‘White Elephants’ in the courtroom and how they got there; the cameo appearances of attorneys who were close personal friends of Porteous ; Mr. Lenny Levenson and Mr. Jake Amato at bar for Liljeberg, and Mr. Joseph Mole and Mr. Don Gardner representing Lifemark.  One would only have to read the numerous postings registered on Slabbed for a more detailed synopsis of the circumstances surrounding this fertile ground of judicial corruption and unethical, and possibly illegal conduct by all attorneys associated with this trial.  Truly an unmitigated assault by all concerned directed toward the very core beliefs we were instilled with growing up; the ideals of fairness, honesty and decency.  These very same intrinsic civilized values that we had hoped would sustain our society’s sense of law and order. Instead, an institutional collapse of the legal profession is unfolding before our very eyes, and proof positive is the reading of both Mr. Mole’s testimony at the Congressional Impeachment proceedings and his fee proposal to retain Mr. Gardner.

This personality contest of which lawyer would have more influence with Judge Porteous to shape the outcome of the trial was exacerbated by Mr. Mole’s negotiating to hire Mr. Don C. Gardner in an attempt to’ balance the scales’ of favoritism, not justice. In fact it is Mr. Mole’s letter of February 18, 1997, addressed to Mr. Don C. Gardner c/o Thomas G Wilkinson , 320 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna, Louisiana, referencing the Lifemark Hospitals of Louisiana, Inc. v. Liljeberg Enterprises, Inc. that gives the best evidence that our legal system is spiraling into the abyss of total chaos; a resigned state of amoral bankruptcy.

What was Mr. Mole thinking ?  Continue reading “MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post”

Did Dick do it? Slabbed examines the case of Turner v Pleasant, Dick Chopin and Tom Porteous.

With a hat tip to a Slabbed reader I was sent a link to a new twist on an old case, Turner v Pleasant that was presided over by impeached (but not yet convicted) LAED Judge Tom Porteous. I hope the Slabbed Nation joins me in welcoming lawyer Dick Chopin here as we begin with a story by Michelle Massey at the Louisiana Record.

A Louisiana couple is asking a federal court to overturn a previous judgment, claiming the presiding judge acted improperly because of his relationship with defense counsel and a witness.

Ada D. Turner and Ronnie Turner filed suit against Neal E. Pleasant, RPIA of Delaware, Neal E. Pleasant Living Trust, The Travelers Insurance Co. and Standard Fire Insurance Co. June 25 in federal court in New Orleans.

The case was previously tried before New Orleans federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. without a jury in April 2003. Continue reading “Did Dick do it? Slabbed examines the case of Turner v Pleasant, Dick Chopin and Tom Porteous.”