I had to laugh yesterday because our Desiree alarm went off in a big way as our readers sent in the links to the latest news from Slabbeds favorite self promoter of all times, former White House social secretary/New Orleans party girl Desiree Rogers. In today’s installment of All My Glapion Children we find that Desiree has accomplished her mission of helping friend Linda Johnson Rice begin the process of righting the ship at Johnson Publishing, which has evidently struggled due to the economic slowdown at Ebony and Jet magazines. Now Desiree takes over as CEO.

I had a great time reading between the lines from my last post to yesterday’s press release from Johnson.  Change came to Johnson just days before Desireee was hired as a consultant as this press release trumpeting the hiring of Amy DuBois Barnett as the new editor at Ebony indicates. Then our girl Desiree evidently became Desiree the Knife as the axe fell on President/COO Anne Sempowski Ward. With the dirty work done that left the coast clear for Desiree’s coronation as CEO, a title previously held by Ms. Johnson Rice herself. Desiree then immediately announced the hiring of a token male at Johnson, Rodrigo A. Sierra who looks to me to be the person who will be doing the actual work to salvage Johnson. Continue reading “D”


Our friends at Allstate can rest easy. Desiree Rogers has found a job! The news courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has been hired by struggling Chicago-based Johnson Publishing–the world’s largest African-American owned and operated publishing company.

The Root reported Friday that Rogers, who stepped down from her Obama Administration job following the 2009 White House state dinner gatecrasher debacle, would join Johnson Publishing as a consultant to get the company back on it’s feet. Rogers is a longtime friend of CEO Linda Johnson Rice:

The benefit of Rogers’ counsel and connections come at a time when Johnson Publishing, the world’s largest African-American owned and operated publishing company, has battled against steep advertising declines — like much of print media.

Wendy Parks, a spokeswoman for the publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines, told The Root that Rogers would “assist with corporate strategy.”

This of course means Johnson Publishing will more than likely crash and burn sooner rather than later and begs the question about whether Continue reading “D”

Comme le ph

For our newer readers who are scratching their heads at the post title, here at Slabbed we were very early innovators on the topic of Desiree Rogers, President Obama’s former social secretary. Before taking the job at the White House, Desiree worked at Allstate and the executives are always fodder for banter on a good finance board and Allstate’s board at Yahoo is no exception (and trust me when I say even them guys think Mr. Theriot is a pussy).

The old posts we’ve done through time from late 2008 to date can be found here, here, here and here. Here at Slabbed we stipulate the daughter of the late Roy Glapion is both highly intelligent and one heck of a hot babe. But Desiree also reportedly left no “lasting footprint” at Allstate where she evidently made a mid 6 figure salary working on the company’s Facebook page. So with that in place lets visit with a recent thread that tickled my funny bone as our own Steve pokes fun at another poster who may well be Ms Rogers and it is there we begin:

seems like allstate is not keen on non-white representation at senior levels. diversity is only for sales, not in practice. US and Continue reading “Comme le ph”

La de sir

The Dalai Lama Leaves the Whitehouse. Desiree strikes again.

I tell you folks Desirée Rogers is the gift that keeps on giving as she embarks on a style over substance tour attempting to reclaim a name and reputation she never enjoyed in the Chicago business community. Our readers may recall after Party-Gate Ms Rogers was invited to tell her story to Congress but the Obama Administration declined to make De sirée available for them tough, hand-on-the-bible questions she certainly would have been asked. Of course, there were also a series of more recent gaffes that were not as widely reported including the picture of the Dali Lama leaving the Whitehouse with bags of trash stacked up outside. That gaffe was preceded by the Whitehouse Office of Protocol offering the nearly blind British Prime Minister a set of DVD’s to watch. Ms Rogers style over substance way of conducting her affairs really showed through. By God De sirée has her story though and she is sticking to it and as long as she is content to lay on the BS we’ll be content to highlight it. Perhaps she should wear that Oscar de la Renta gown and call a press conference, yeah that’s the trick. The Times Picayune has the story:

Free for the first time to speak out about the circumstances surrounding the party-crashers at the White House state dinner in November, outgoing White House Social Secretary Desiree Glapion Rogers said Sunday her office followed established protocol to the letter that night, and reports that her office was not monitoring the gate when guests arrived are “just wrong.”

“Let’s just get the record straight, ” said Rogers, a New Orleans native, in a telephone interview from Chicago, where she made her career before being tapped by the Obamas as White House social secretary. Continue reading “La de sir”

Le depart de siree

Long time readers of Slabbed know there was no way that we would pass on the story of Desiree Rogers being shown the door by Team Obama yesterday. We were early innovators on Ms Rogers with Nowdy’s post from November 2008 originally titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail” where she profiled Ms Rogers’ ties to Allstate which became fodder for friendly banter on the Yahoo Allstate Finance board, most of it not complimentary toward her.

More recently Ms Rogers became famous for not doing her job at the state dinner when Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the party by bullshitting their way in and then for several other mixups since. Naturally one would expect the hometown newspaper would tell the kindest version of the story but I’ll add based on what our friends from Ms Rogers last employer tell us she is far from a pillar of any business community let alone the high-powered one in Chicago. The reality is she is intelligent and highly attractive but more important connected, first via her father and then her ex-husband. As Nowdy observed after party-gate she was seemingly ignorant of her place in the White House pecking order.  We let Ms Rogers hometown paper tell the story:

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers announced today that she will be stepping down from her job. Continue reading “Le depart de siree”

Always know your place. Never let anyone put you in it

Desirée Rogers… has been cruising for a bruising since telling The Wall Street Journal in April: “We have the best brand on Earth: the Obama brand. Our possibilities are endless.” She wanted to pose for The Journal in an Oscar de la Renta gown in the first lady’s garden, but the press secretary, Robert Gibbs, vetoed that.

The statuesque social secretary brandishing a Harvard M.B.A. and animal-print designer shoes is not any mere party planner. The old friend of the first couple from Chicago has the exalted and uncommon title of social secretary and special assistant to the president.

Instead of standing outside with a clipboard, eyeballing guests as Anne Hathaway did in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Desirée was a guest at the dinner, the center of her own table of guests, just like the president and first lady…

Desiree Rogers obviously didn’t know her place.  Sop slabbed her yesterday in Speaking of Allstate, Anyone else remember Desirée Rogers? and Maureen Dowd’s Op-Ed for the NYT  Who’s Sari Now? definitely put her in it – and well it should. ( h/t observant reader)

…the breached White House wall serves as a prism to examine our society, our president and our values. Continue reading “Always know your place. Never let anyone put you in it”

Speaking of Allstate, Anyone else remember Desir

Nowdy wrote the post on Team Obama hiring New Orleans native Desirée Rogers as his social secretary. Little did we know that we didn’t need an inaugural invite.

Our good friend and former Allstate employee Sup, told us she was a lightweight in the comments to Nowdy’s post. He was spot on. I hope she enjoyed the party at the White House as it looks to be her last.


How POTUS knew Katrina hit New Orleans [sic] (formerly titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail!)

If any of us were actually expecting an invitation from the White House, this announcement ought to be enough to keep Sop’s tux, belle’s party dress, and my dancing shoes in the closet.

Desiree Rogers, a prominent Chicago businesswoman, is receiving loads of attentiDesiree Rogers Chicago businesswoman and Obama fundraiser named White House social secretary by president elect Barack Obamaon today. Barrack Obama named the 49-year-old Rogers as his White House social secretary this morning, making her the first African American to hold that position, like her boss.

Rogers happens to be a friend of Michelle and a major fundraiser for the Obama campaign.

She’ll leave her position managing social networking at Allstate Financial to join the cabinet. Continue reading “How POTUS knew Katrina hit New Orleans [sic] (formerly titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail!)”