That damn Diamondhead Incorporation will be the death of me…..

Those that oppose incorporation have a good legal team but those guys have a problem as Dwayne Bremer at the PPP reports:

Dickinson ordered that Kulick and his co-council, David McCarthy (sic), Chuck McRae, Oliver Diaz Jr., and Will Bardwell each file a memorandum setting forth all the facts and circumstances surrounding the lost court file.

One thing for certain folks, Tort Reform hasn’t hurt business for the skilled trial lawyers listed above. Justice Dickinson is a shoe shine boy for big business and he has quite the history on the court, including when he re-wrote hundreds of years of case law to invalidate a jury verdict in a wrongful death case that originally went against his big business friends.  I’m frankly surprised the can’t shoot straight gang at the MSSC came close to getting it right in Corban.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


Do, Did, Dunn! Diaz case against former USA Dunn Lampton goes forward

A big hat tip to the reader who sent both the Order and this summary – and congratulations to Oliver and Jennifer Diaz and their attorneys Chuck McRae and David McCarty:

Judge Jordan ruled late this afternoon regarding the case Oliver and Jennifer Diaz had filed against former U.S. Attorney Dunn Lampton, Commission on Judicial Performance Senior Counsel Darlene Ballard, and former Commission member Leslie Lampton.  The suit was about the confidential violation of their financial information after the federal cases against them were over.

It is a lengthy and complex opinion in which Judge Jordan examines the issues in the case.  Long and short:  The Diazes can maintain their lawsuit against Dunn Lampton for disclosing their personal confidential data and the Diazes may continue their suit against Leslie Lampton to the extent he violated state privacy laws. Darlene Ballard is removed from the suit.

I linked the Order on Scribd – it follows this bit of background taken from the Order.

These litigants have a long history that pre-dates the subject dispute. Between 2003 and 2006, Defendants/Counterclaimants/Third-Party Plaintiffs Oliver E. Diaz  Jr., then a Mississippi supreme court justice, and his wife Jennifer Diaz were prosecuted on various fraud, bribery, and tax evasion charges. Oliver Diaz was ultimately acquitted, and Jennifer Diaz pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

After the criminal prosecution ended, Third-Party Defendant and then-U.S. Attorney Dunnica Lampton filed a complaint with the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance (“the Commission”) that initiated an investigation of Oliver Diaz. Continue reading “Do, Did, Dunn! Diaz case against former USA Dunn Lampton goes forward”