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Here ya go folks, some of the best links money can’t buy:

Thad Cochran’s Executive Assistant Accompanied Him to 42 Countries on 33 Taxpayer-Funded Trips ~ Matthew Boyle

Staying with the election theme:

Gene Taylor says Steven Palazzo cast three unforgivable votes ~ Paul Hampton

Actually Gene was kind to Palazzo leaving off the wild parties that trashed beach houses, Palazzo’s former Chief of Staff heading to the Federal Pokey, using his taxpayer funded staff to conduct his and wifey’s personal business, etc, etc. etc.

Next up, from the how much damage can a packaged out former tampon salesman cause before he is packaged out again (Russell feel free to chime in here):

Chiquita verifies company considering a move from Gulfport ~ Anita Lee

Yo Fernando…..;-)

Speaking of Yo. Yo Gordon. 😉

Woman was aiding FBI in scrutiny of DA Harry Morel ~ Gordon Russell and Richard Thompson

This case simply won’t go away. Kinda like Slabbed. :mrgreen:

Finally, from the disaster that is the Jefferson Parish Hospital Privatization Process:

Children’s, Ochsner sign up same consultant to relieve financial pressures ~ Ben Myers and Rebecca Catalanello

Bonus heard on the street. Councilmen Roberts and Spears are butting heads these days. The conflict evidently traces to one of the JP public hospitals.


Wishful thinking or reality? Former St Charles Parish DA says FBI investigation crumbling

There is actually a good bit I could write on this topic, especially the initial “Lettenmego” part but I won’t in the interest of time:

Probe into former St. Charles DA still open ~ Gordon Russell

Vital background on this story which Slabbed broke way back in 2011 can be found here.

Dispiciendum chaos: Mulier involvamini in FBI specillum in priores sancti Caroli DA mortuum esse inventum

Chaotic dynamics

The map defined by x → 4 x (1 – x) and y → x + y if x + y < 1 (x + y – 1 otherwise) displays sensitivity to initial conditions. Here two series of x and y values diverge markedly over time from a tiny initial difference.

The map defined by x → 4 x (1 – x) and y → x + y if x + y < 1 (x + y – 1 otherwise) displays sensitivity to initial conditions. Here two series of x and yvalues diverge markedly over time from a tiny initial difference.

In common usage, “chaos” means “a state of disorder”.[7] However, in chaos theory, the term is defined more precisely. Although there is no universally accepted mathematical definition of chaos, a commonly used definition says that, for a dynamical system to be classified as chaotic, it must have the following properties:[8]

  1. it must be sensitive to initial conditions;
  2. it must be topologically mixing; and
  3. its periodic orbits must be dense.

The requirement for sensitive dependence on initial conditions implies that there is a set of initial conditions of positive measure which do not converge to a cycle of any length.

Sensitivity to initial conditions

Sensitivity to initial conditions means that each point in such a system is arbitrarily closely approximated by other points with significantly different future trajectories. Thus, an arbitrarily small perturbation of the current trajectory may lead to significantly different future behaviour. However, it has been shown that the last two properties in the list above actually imply sensitivity to initial conditions[9][10] and if attention is restricted to intervals, the second property implies the other two[11] (an alternative, and in general weaker, definition of chaos uses only the first two properties in the above list).[12] It is interesting that the most practically significant condition, that of sensitivity to initial conditions, is actually redundant in the definition, being implied by two (or for intervals, one) purely topological conditions, which are therefore of greater interest to mathematicians. Continue reading “Dispiciendum chaos: Mulier involvamini in FBI specillum in priores sancti Caroli DA mortuum esse inventum”

Slabbed exclusive: Harry Morel investigation hits major snag.

Falcon Sr. said that in late 2009 or early 2010, his son called his girlfriend on at least one occasion from Nelson Coleman Correctional Center — the parish’s jail — and discussed the possibility of her performing a sexual favor for Morel. Falcon Sr. didn’t specify what the act was; he said he didn’t know many details surrounding the phone call, only that it was made. Falcon Sr. also said he believed that once Morel found out about the phone call being recorded, he backed out of the deal.

The girlfriend spoke briefly with NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, saying she believes Morel needs to be investigated. She then hung up and declined to talk further.

Sheriff’s office records of the Falcon burglary case show that deputies were indeed listening in on Falcon Jr.’s calls — standard practice in most jails — but they make no reference to any alleged deals with the district attorney.

The above is from Gordon Russell and Juliet Linderman story of February 8, 2013 which put a good bit of meat on the bones of a story first reported by Slabbed back in September, 2011. I mention this because sources with knowledge of the parties involved indicate the girlfriend mentioned above died one day after Russell and Linderman’s story.  It is a shocking turn of events.

Destrehan woman’s death investigated by St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office ~  Megan Braden-Perry

Danelle Keim, 27, was dead on the scene at 6:15 a.m., police said. Attempts to revive her were unsuccessful, polices said.

On behalf of the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences to Ms Keim’s family.