The Daily Slab – March 24

If North Dakota floats by, please catch it!

News of the flooding there has been stuck in the infamous “drafts” file for three days now and it’s time for it to make the Daily Slab.

Yesterday, CNN was reporting Flooding threatened up to 6,000 homes Monday in Fargo, North Dakota, where residents rushed to fill more than 1 million sandbags to stem the flow of the Red River, city officials said.

“So far, we have 310,000 bags filled and ready to go, but that’s a long way from the 1.5 million sandbags we need to fight this flood,” City Administrator Pat Zavoral said Sunday.

The National Guard and FEMA staff have been dispatched to help.

National news has been filled with stories of people putting their interest first; but, not so in North Dakota. 20,000 HELPING HANDS: At least 10,000 volunteers turn out; more needed to fight flood.sandbag-fargo

Buses could hardly keep up Monday with the thousands of volunteers eager to fill sandbags and fight the flood.

More than 10,000 people volunteered in Fargo-Moorhead, according to estimates from people coordinating the efforts. That doesn’t include people helping out friends or family.

The State must be populated by some of the best, most self reliant folks on earth, God love ‘um.  Helping others is bred into them. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 24”