The end of the mystery: Paul Rioux reports on the Waste Management suit for the Times Picayune

I was wondering which T-P employee was camped out with us last week on our Waste Management posts. Turns out it was likely Paul Rioux, who checks in today with a long report on the Waste Management suit and the continued revelations about the fix Aaron Broussard and his cronies in Parish government put in for River Birch. My read indicated there was not much new ground broken on the topic but Rioux’s report has a few quotes from River Birch PR man Glenn Smith and is still worth reading.

On this general topic I’ve had a few emails asking my professional opinion of Gwen Bolotte’s performance as Finance Director in this entire fiasco as she did not share her concerns about the shady way the River Birch deal was handled except with the perpetrators.  If she knew of a crime and failed to report it, she should lose her license to practice as a CPA and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That said I think this is more of a case that she feared Tim Whitmer and Tom Wilkinson as both were notorious bullies in the Broussard Administration and she figured standing up and voicing her concerns would cost her job.

I think a fine line separates misprision of felony and employment self-preservation.  If one of my clients had a CFO that was too timid to speak their minds, especially when the going got tough, my advice to the CEO would be to find a new CFO.


Let’s drop another Waste Management nuke as Slabbed presents Gwen Bolotte and Dutchie Connick in Putting in the Fix

April 6, 2004

I received a phone call from Tim Whitmer on my cell  At his request, I called Mr. Whitmer back from a land line. Mr. Whitmer informed me that Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard had meet with representatives of River Birch Landfill to discuss the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further advised that Mr. Broussard was not happy with the way Waste Management treated Bobby Bourgeois and River Birch was a good partner and known in the community. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard was inclined to retain the services of River Birch Landfill to operate the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard discussed with representatives of River Birch your role with Waste Management. Mr. Whitmer stated that Mr. Broussard wanted me to understand that River Birch was willing to retain my services in a similar capacity that I presently serve with Waste Management.

But it gets even better than the above memo from Dutchie Connick as we also have the entirety of Gwen Bolotte’s depo, all 266 pages.

Happy hunting to all and be sure to post away the most damning parts in comments.  This upcoming public meeting on River Birch promises to be a hum dinger!


Waste Management drops another Nuke, exposes more information on the shithouse way the River Birch contract was let.

Team Waste Management has been very busy of late taking depositions etc in the Parish’s suit against them and man o’ man is there a treasure trove of information coming out, hopefully all of which will be discussed in the upcoming public meeting.

For one, I’m not sure why anyone is wasting time on these after the fact costs analysis because it is clear Broussard, Wilkinson and Whitmer were lying through their teeth about the “savings” when this contract was  bum rushed through as it is clear no cost projections or other financial analysis was ever performed.

Document 104 has some good stuff, including Team Waste Management wanting to amend their counter-claim to include new allegations that have come to light after certain depositions were taken. Team Waste Management explains:

The initial discovery and depositions in this case took place only months ago, in November and December, 2010, when Waste Management took the depositions of three high ranking officials employed by Plaintiffs, namely, Margaret Winter, Director of the Continue reading “Waste Management drops another Nuke, exposes more information on the shithouse way the River Birch contract was let.”