Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.

If I had a nickel for everyone that has told me they made a mistake voting to throw out Gene Taylor out of congress last year, someone else would be moderating Slabbed and I’d be retired. From the wild Palazzo party files via Roll Call:

Palazzo had invited friends and family to Annapolis, Md., for a tailgate party leading up to the Southern Mississippi-Navy football game during the Columbus Day weekend.

But the real blowout happened at a waterfront home rented for the Congressman by his scheduler, Whitney Donald, an event that morphed into a two-night party attended by a host of unruly House aides. The scene became festive enough that local police were called on the second night.

Sources close to the Congressman insist Palazzo and his family never stayed at the rental property in question, nor asked staffers to reserve the house.

“The Congressman at no time asked someone on staff to book a house for him,” Palazzo’s chief of staff, Jamie Miller, tells HOH.

But multiple members of his office staff did stay at the house that weekend.

And the ensuing shenanigans guaranteed that the security deposit, which was put on a credit card with a Cannon House Office Building billing address, was forfeited. Continue reading “Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.”

Palazzo Cuts $50 Million from Pascagoula Ship Project. Cuts Could Jeopardize Huntington Ingalls Contract

You’d never know that from the related Sun Herald headline on the topic but luckily for the coast Brian Martin is Johnny on the spot with the skinny to this reguritation of a Palazzo press release that attempts to spin a major funding cut of the LHA-7 amphibious assault ship into some sort of shithouse victory for Palazzo:

The truth is that Palazzo still voted to cut $50 million from what the Obama Administration requested for LHA-7. This is completion funding for a ship that Gene Taylor got into the procurement pipeline as the Seapower Subcommittee chairman. Obama asked for $2,018,691,000 for the ship. The new Republican chairman of the Seapower Subcommittee cut $200 million for the ship. Palazzo is on the subcommittee and apparently voted for the $200 million cut, since it passed by voice vote. Then instea of trying to restore the full $200 million he cut a deal with the Republican chairman to restore $150 million, then he voted for the bill that still is $50 million less than what Obama requested for LHA-7. So the headline should have said Palazzo supports $50 million cut for Ingalls ship contract.

And by the way, those other project requests are earmarks. When Taylor sponsored those projects they were called earmarks and he did not lie and say that they were not. If you are asking for funding for something that you know would be spent at Stennis or Camp Shelby it is an earmark. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

I thought Palazzo was against earmarks. I guess not folks.


And to think folks Nancy Pelosi wasn't fired. That shot hit South Mississippi's foot instead. A Congresswoman Palazzo update.

I said it here on Slabbed just after the election that DC was a different world from being a Boss Hogg lackey in the legislature and it appears the Mississippi Press has noticed our new congressman Steven Palazzo is not only a legacy political hack but he is also a fluffer.  I’ll point out the coastal counties did not elect Palazzo so the snub should be expected.  Here is a snippet:

IF IT’S not in the handbook for serving as the 4th Congressional District representative, it should be: Never miss a ship christening at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula.

Freshman Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Biloxi, was noticeably absent from the christening of the Arlington, LPD 24, on March 26, though his wife was in attendance. Continue reading “And to think folks Nancy Pelosi wasn't fired. That shot hit South Mississippi's foot instead. A Congresswoman Palazzo update.”

Lets catch up on some coast news. Two high ranking and seasoned staffers tell Palazzo sayonara.

Career political hack Steven Palazzo was in the news this week as his top two staffers abruptly resigned. To these extent these two guys were highly touted after the election as being the guys who would help the coast bridge the gap from Gene Taylor’s 21 years of seniority to Palazzo’s zero the fact they abandoned the ship so quickly is highly meaningful.

Former chief of staff Erskine Wells and coms director Jonathan Samford were described to me as seasoned congressional staffers, Wells working for Roger Wicker  in both the House and Senate and Samford for Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.  Slabbed commenter Brian Martin described Wells, whom he worked with during his time on Gene Taylor’s staff, as a “straight shooter”.

Offline I’ve seen emails which detailed rumors of a 10 year non disclosure agreement etc as the rumors swirled surrounding the sudden departure of these two men from Team Palazzo. That said a new Slabbed commenter RebelWitaCause left some analysis that bears repeating:

Palazzo’s 2 top dogs (Chief of Staff Erskine Wells and Communications Director Jonathan Samford) bolted “unexpectedly” from the Palazzo camp this week. Note closely the wording of the e-mail Wells gave to the media as they contained not a word about Palazzo, the words only directed at his “colleagues”. Both of these 2 guys are trying to keep their noses clean to protect their futures in the Continue reading “Lets catch up on some coast news. Two high ranking and seasoned staffers tell Palazzo sayonara.”

This very well could be the most important Slabbed post of the year…

And it has nothing to do with Jefferson Parish Political Corruption.

For literally years our good friend Mr CLS has been methodically hammering away at the complexities surrounding insurance securitization and the implications of such for each and every one of us, especially those of us on the coast being price gouged for wind coverage. So suppose you’re a reporter with insurance beat responsibilities like Becky Mowbray, Anita Lee, Jeff Amy, Paige St John, Beatrice Garcia or a national outfit like Bloomberg that has done some quality coverage on insurance issues that is ready to kick it up a notch in terms of understanding.  What is now coming to light with Bank of America’s alleged forced placed insurance fraud is a must read as more turds float to the surface in the global insurance finance cesspool.

Some of the very same problems could very well exist in other facets of the securitized insurance market; problems the folks at U Penn Wharton School no doubt did not conceive of when they were pioneering insurance linked securities such at Catastrophe Bonds not long ago as the reasons for the lack of market transparency in the global insurance markets come into sharper focus.

Don’t look for the political shoe shine boys for big insurance such as the coast’s own Steven Palazzo or Commish Mike Chaney to say much on this.  Both men, despite paying lots of lip service to the topic of insurance, remain firmly, purposely ignorant of the any fraud perpetrated by their big business buddies on Wall Street.