Louisiana Roundup: Steve Scalise meets with scandal ridden former Mayor, Piyush completely out of touch, Mel Leavitt remembered

Like I’ve consistently said folks, Congressman Steve Scalise will meet with anyone to discuss public policy, including corrupt former big city mayors like Marc Morial per Bruce Alpert’s report for NOLA.com.

To set things up Morial’s reputation drastically declined since he left office as his former staffers were indicted and convicted on public corruption charges. Later a former top aide to Morial would also plead guilty to taking bribes and kickbacks.

More recently both Morial and former Congressman Leon Panetta joined the Board of Directors of scandal ridden Corinthian Colleges, which had previously donated heavily to the Urban League. Per a Washington Post story dated February 3, 2015, “Corinthian has become the poster child for the worst practices in the for-profit education sector, including high loan defaults and dubious programs. Clouded by allegations of deceptive marketing and lying to the government about its graduation rates, Corinthian lost its access to federal funds last year, forcing the company to sell or close its schools”

Finally, the Urban League itself was the subject of a major scandal in Seattle Washington involving vendors who received “questionable” payments from a Seattle Public Schools program that was the focus of a criminal investigation. More recently in August, 2014 as part of the HUD OIG investigation into the money designated for substance abuse programs in Rhode Island, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was brought in at the HUD’s request to specifically look into the Urban League’s role in the misuse of federal funds. Safe Haven then closed permanently.  In January, 2015 the scandal claimed the career of long time Rhode Island Housing Director Richard Godfrey who resigned his office.  This scandal continues to unfold.

Against that backdrop I wonder why anyone in their right minds would be associating with either the Urban League or Marc Morial but such is the job of a politician I reckon.  Here at Slabbed we’ll continue to not hold such meetings against Rep. Scalise. Continue reading “Louisiana Roundup: Steve Scalise meets with scandal ridden former Mayor, Piyush completely out of touch, Mel Leavitt remembered”

Steve Scalise still on my mind……

A few days ago I was told the source of the Steve Scalise leak to Lamar White and much to my chagrin it turned out not to be an inside job at all.  It was just straight up partisan politics and anyone that knows anything about how I roll here knows I’m just not much on bullshit from the political parties, neither of which represent the common citizen. That said after a fashion the story has come out and elicited reaction from some long time commenters here including CitizenK of New Orleans, who termed the leakers “morons”.  We need to circle that for now:

Dem’s aide tipped blogger to Scalise speech to white supremacists ~ Molly Hooper

“I felt strongly that it would not have walked. I was running in a district with a lot of bigots,” Reed told Reuters.

Her son and then-campaign manager, Robert Reed, decided to reach out to blogger Lamar White Jr. several weeks ago with the information of Scalise’s appearance because the Pelican State lawmaker had taken on a high-profile position within the House leadership, Reuters reported.

That’s the way to win hearts and minds Gilda, term those that disagree with your politics bigots as it is an easy out for a failed campaign.  One reason I hate the petty politics is the inherent crap-in-pants potential associated with it. Case in point is the 2014 Mississippi Senate GOP primary.  We had a ball here on Slabbed with Thad, Miss Kay, pine belt farm animals and such but the voters spoke and Thad is our man for the next six years.  He also now chairs the Senate appropriations committee.  Would it be in the best interest of Mississippi for someone to knee cap him over something petty and cost him that position. Hell no because we need Thad to bring home the bacon worse now than ever we did.

Over in Louisiana the people in Metro NOLA have a decent man that (some think bug-eyed) has ascended to the number three slot in the US House.  What purpose was served by the partisan attempt to knee cap him?  This is frankly why people tune out the foolishness.

Steve Scalise on my mind……

Its no secret that Slabbed’s arrival on the local media scene included copious stops in Bucktown covering the Aaron Broussard political corruption scandal. Naturally my email inbox started going into somewhat of overdrive yesterday afternoon after the disclosure on Cen Lamar that Scalise had spoken to David Duke’s white supremacist group back in 2002. Cen Lamar is a hard left democratic resource run by Lamar White Jr, locally known as unabashed left wing partisan but who is also a blogging superstar because of his high quality online work. Since then Lamar’s story was picked up by the WaPo and all hell has broken loose.

Before I get to a sampling of the sentiment I’d like to remind people that Slabbed is the only blog close enough to the Bucktown political establishment to nab pictures of Senator David Vitter’s legs thus what people are telling me is literally coming from inside the family so to speak and unlike the portrayal of Buckown’s populace in the national media as being a bunch of racist hicks it is both rich and highly nuanced.

First off a disclosure, I like Steve Scalise and Slabbed is favorably disposed to the man editorially and I’m not ashamed to admit it as he embodies most everything I expect from a Congressman in that I think he has profoundly committed to looking out for the people that elected him. It is the same calculus that attracted me to Gene Taylor and in fact it was an insurance forum in 2010 here on the Coast that drove home how committed Scalise was to his own people.  To set things up he came to an insurance forum sponsored by a Democrat and actually shared panel space with insurance company executives, a bunch that after Hurricane Katrina had been compared to child molesters.

For me it was a defining moment because Scalise could have taken the opportunity that so many Republicans had before him in genuflecting before big business and begin shining the shoes of the Insurance execs in order to collect the campaign cash given out by the industry. Instead he blasted them for what they had done after the Hurricane to the people down here. Continue reading “Steve Scalise on my mind……”

Get on the wire to every squadron around the world………

Attention politicians that did not read the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 before voting for it.

Federal flood insurance reform demands a renaissance of reason ~ Steve and Peggy Nicosia

Here is what you don’t hear in the mainstream media outlets like the New York Times:

(3) 40 percent of premium dollars going to the NFIP and private insurance companies for program administration, (4) adjusters who wrongly attribute wind damage to the flood program, and (5) 40 percent of federally backed mortgages required to carry insurance do not carry it — have led to premium increases of up to 3,000 percent and much more. Policies now costing $500 can increase to more than $20,000 when rates are fully phased in because structures are deemed out of compliance by Biggert-Waters.

True NFIP reform means clearing the rats off the money, not bankrupting your own people so insurance companies based in Illinois can make a fortune. And that’s the bottom line……..