South Coast Today Shelburne Nova Scotia: Continued legal hassles for Trout Point Lodge. More suits coming?

You betcha.  😉

New Orleans politician Aaron Broussard’s federal prosecution for fraud took another big step forward in New Orleans last week, when the disgraced Jefferson Parish president pleaded guilty to a number of charges, which he and his lawyers had previously denied.

One of the allegations made against Broussard by his ex-wife and others is that he used his ownership in Nova Scotia vacation properties and property firms to “shake down” individuals and businesses wanting to do business with the most populous parish in New Orleans.

Days later, Concrete Busters filed an amended statement of claim in an on-going suit in New Orleans, naming Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, Trout Point Lodge Ltd. and Costa-Rica-based Cerro Coyote, SA as some of thirty-plus co-conspirators and “shell corporations” designed to hide the trail of funds passing to and through Broussard over the past twenty years.

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Civil District Court lawsuit filed by Concrete Busters against River Birch terms Trout Point Lodge Ltd. of Nova Scotia a “shell company”

Trout Point Lodge Owners Vaughn Perret, Danny Abel and Charles Leary

They did folks. In fact Concrete Busters amended complaint filed Wednesday against The River Birch Landfill et al unifies several themes we’ve covered here on Slabbed through time. But alas those nasty Goatherders and I have an outstanding  matter in United States Federal District Court in Gulfport before Judge Louis Guirola that my lawyer, Bobby Truitt has me barred from commenting upon. But that does not mean that we can’t let Concrete Busters tell part of that story as I invite everyone to consider the implications for quarter 4 sales for the good folks over at Carmex. Let’s start with this snippet from the beginning of the suit:

Cerro Coyote SA

Of course the good folks at Concrete Busters listed a few more too: Continue reading “Civil District Court lawsuit filed by Concrete Busters against River Birch terms Trout Point Lodge Ltd. of Nova Scotia a “shell company””

BREAKING: Concrete Busters files amended complaint against Fred Heebe, Jim Ward and River Birch Landfill (Updated)

Folks this is hot off the press. Click the pic to get the 54 page pdf.

Manuel Torres broke this story for the Nola Media Group but his headline needs work. He cuts straight to the heart of the matter and the allegations are explosive:

At least one former Jefferson Parish Council member took bribes from River Birch landfill in exchange for backing a now-defunct garbage deal with the firm, rival Waste Management claimed in an amended civil lawsuit filed Thursday afternoon.

The suit, which doesn’t name the council member, also says that former administrator Tim Whitmer and former Parish President Aaron Broussard “have also repeatedly accepted bribes.”

Something tells me all hell is fixing to break loose.

I’m hearing rumors about another of our constitutional guarantees: The Fifth Amendment…

I’m shaking the tree folks because it appears next week at a local courthouse near you, a new band called Freaky Freddie and the Heebe Jeebies will be debuting their first song the Fifth Amendment Blues.  As soon as I get more info I’ll pass it along.


A real a$$ buster of a Petition for Damages – Concrete Busters v Heebe, Ward, River Birch, Hwy 90 LLC

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