Crash and Burn: Comfort station lawsuit dropped

Folks excuse me while I take a victory lap.

Bay St. Louis residents drop case opposing comfort station ~ Leighanne Lockhart

Now folks my litigation experience is still what I would term very limited, but it seems to me the first thing one should expect from their lawyer is a solid determination whether the case has a chance including a solid assessment whether the litigants are prepared to do what it takes to successfully assert their claims. Given the following it is clear such was missing from the equation:

The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, but the residents filed a motion Monday to drop the lawsuit, and the case was dismissed, their attorney Henry Laird said.

“The amount of energy and resources to fight would have taken at least another two years, and it’s something my clients just could not do,” Laird said.

The prior jurisprudence, especially in the litigation involving the I-110 loop, indicated to me the Bay property owners had no chance at prevailing here.  Filing and then losing lawsuits with little chance of victory carries consequences but I imagine the County was gracious in victory.  After all, these property owners are fine people, some of whom I greatly respect. They simply did not think this whole deal through with clarity. Continue reading “Crash and Burn: Comfort station lawsuit dropped”

Refuseniks or not a public comfort station is coming to the public beach near the intersection of Washington and Beach Boulevard

I personally thought the proposed bait shop / snowball stand would have gone well at the location but that idea was shot down as well.

County extends lease and plans to buy land for comfort station ~ Mary Perez

Meantime Dewayne Bremer lists the Plaintiffs in the property owner suit against the County for the Sea Coast Echo story on the same topic, a data point I found useful in explaining the presence of Goatherder lawyer Henry Laird.

I understand the court hearing is on Thursday here in Hancock County (Parish) April 16th in Judge Persons courtroom at the Harrison County Courthouse. I do not see this suit going far. I’ll add these public accommodations will greatly enhance the public beach that is already there adjacent to the legion’s property and improve sanitation. You good folks reading Slabbed from NOLA that visit the beaches here will immediately notice the dramatic improvement. See y’all soon.