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Next up a topic that continues to wax and wane in the sport of American Football. Certain Blowhard Politicians maintain that declines in Tee Vee ratings for the NFL is the result of player protests. Poppa John got in the act trying to lay blame for a shitty quarter on the same but the reality is closer to what the network executives are saying in the product being over exposed on the airways. Here is one such media account from a month back:

CBS Sports chairman says too much football hurting ratings ~ Kevin Spain

What’s interesting is college football grappling with a different but I think related problem in declining game day attendance.

How does SEC, LSU solve their attendance issues? Well, it’s complicated… ~ Ross Dellenger

Dellenger’s piece correctly identifies the problem but I’m not sure the entire answer can be gleaned from game day experience surveys.

Consider this an open thread.

Woe is me: WTF is going on with Southern Miss football?

USM remains winless ~ Patrick Magee

A Florida International program widely considered to be the worst in the nation beat USM, 24-23, at M.M. Roberts Stadium.

“I’d hate to say it’s the low point, but it doesn’t get much lower than this,” USM coach Todd Monken said.

USM may go winless this season ~ Patrick Magee

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever previously conceived that USM football would suck worse than Tulane football.

Someone in Hattiesburg needs to dial up Bobby Collins pronto for the expedited solution to this sad state of affairs.  😉