If I was a newspaper reporter I’d ask Jim Letten why St Charles Parish DA Harry Morel Jr decided to call it quits

Trading leniency for sexual favors perhaps? Maybe instead of being allowed to resign the man should be prosecuted. JMHO.


In this episode of Magnum JD, Magnum throws a curve and ends up in a fix: A 4717 St Charles Avenue orgy update.

Folks, never in our short history has a topic resulted in such intense reader interest as our chronicling of the adventures of John Houghtaling aka Magnum J.D., who has claimed the mantle of being Wendell Gauthier’s hand picked successor (along with various and sundry other myths) as he reinvented himself into a political kingmaker of sorts. With that in mind and with an obligation to correctly report the events let’s review what we know about Magnum’s mid summer backyard sex party:

In October I received a tip that Magnum’s new neighbors on St Charles Ave were circulating a petition calling on him to move as he was hosting sex parties in between political fundraisers for folks like Gidget’s Billy Nungesser and Bobby Jindal.  So the story went, the straw that broke the camel’s back was a wild sex party with Stormy Daniels.  I immediately put out the word that we needed the arrest paperwork, which turned out to be the hardest pieces of paper we ever procured in terms of time and effort.  I immediately contacted the neighbors that were listed as witnesses and was told to come to Muni court on 11-16 to hear all the gory details.

In the meantime, we did learn that Stormy Daniels was not involved with Magnum or his sex party but that he did have a former girlfriend from the sex industry named Stormy Schouff, who evidently was also Sidney Torres’ (of SDT trash fame) former girlfriend as well.  I’m told that Stormy has since “gone legit” and since she was evidently not involved in the sex party in question she is not fair game here on Slabbed though the name explains the confusion in the local rumor mill.

So on the 16th our researcher and myself head to NOLA Muni court to get the skinny.  The experience was an interesting one and frankly we were impressed by how the courtroom was run compared to similar courts here in Mississippi (that attempt to make the criminal justice experience as painful as possible).  Magnum of course came in through the backdoor and we didn’t see too much of him. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD, Magnum throws a curve and ends up in a fix: A 4717 St Charles Avenue orgy update.”