A few quick odds and end.

Nowdy emails me with news she is under the weather. I’ve been doing the work and soccer dad thing. I have around 15 hours of work on my desk and am booked solid all week thus time is short. Here are a couple of items that have been on my slabbed list:

Jay Feinman’s book Delay Deny Defend, which we profiled last month here, is now on sale. Jay emailed me with the news he has been getting Katrina questions in his talk radio interviews on the book. He has two upcoming appearances scheduled, the next one being tomorrow on KAOS 89.3 FM in Washington State at 2pm Central. The book is an easy read and very informative. John Ewolt at the Minnepolis Star Tribune gave Jay good marks in a review he wrote earlier this month.

Next up is the special election to replace Judge Joan Benge in the 24th Judicial District. As several of our commenters have noted both on Slabbed and offline it is curtains for Debbie Villio as she placed second to Ray Steib. I tend to agree with those who think the supporters of the number 3 finisher in the race, Don Klotz will migrate to Steib. Meantime I’m certain there is a job on the public payroll waiting for Villio, along with that personnel board complaint on her political activities, after the election. Continue reading “A few quick odds and end.”