GOP Kenner City Councilman – Mayoral Candidate Keith Reynaud Equates Democrats and Fried Chicken

Folks this is 2016 and you’d think the days of using the fried chicken analogy as a form of politically motivated coded racism would be long gone but they are not. (H/T) To a reader that attended the River Region Republican Women Celebrity Cook off.

Present when Reynaud made the remarks were State GOP Chairman Roger Villere along with a bevy of other State wide Elected Officials and a certain local Democrat, who witnessed the gaffe:

Reader Submitted Screen Capture of Jefferson Parish Councilman Mark Spears Facebook Page
Reader Submitted Screen Capture of Jefferson Parish Councilman Mark Spears Facebook Page

A reader that was present was kind enough to snap a quick picture of Reynaud adding the crowd groaned when he made the remark: Continue reading “GOP Kenner City Councilman – Mayoral Candidate Keith Reynaud Equates Democrats and Fried Chicken”

I’m reminded of the old saying pigs love mud……..

There is a danger in becoming a one track blog or one track anything for that matter. Here area couple of examples:

cheering for Kenner to fail, again ~ Connie Montgomery

An added twist – failed magazine partners see a lot of scrutiny in Walter Reed investigation ~ Connie Montgomery

Connie Montgomery provides legal services to Slabbed New Media.

Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride

Walt Bennetti over at Click Jefferson has been levying some interesting accusations at Mayor Yenni regarding the Kenner vehicle fleet including saying Mayor Yenni is somehow lying about having 6 vehicles for his personal use while simultaneously taking up for Kenner Councilman Carroll for commuting to his personal job on the Kenner taxpayers including curbing his taxpayer funded car resulting in taxpayer paid damage repairs to same. Editorially at Slabbed we do not play favorites when it comes to the wasting of taxpayer money thus the interest in why a Good Government Group would “defend the indefensible”.

As an old auditor with governmental motor pool experience here in Mississippi, Walt’s assertions about Mayor Yenni having a personal fleet of 6 cars just did not seem plausible but to the extent this is Kenna and Louisiana, anything is possible, so I decided to check things out including speaking with Kenner Mayor Yenni Last Friday. This is what I found out.

First off Mayor Yenni is the Grand Poohbah of Kenna and he can indeed use any vehicle in the City’s fleet that he wants.  No surprise there and indeed Mayor Yenni has driven several different CIty vehicles on occasion, including the SUV donated by the Parish to the City that Walt Bennetti has such a problem with, typically when his primary city vehicle, the same SUV driven by former Mayor Muniz is being serviced or in the case of the donated SUV that Walt says is “worthless”, driving several city employees to Baton Rouge for a meeting saving the need for multiple vehicles making the trip.  Contrary to what Walt asserted about Yenni’s uncle driving the donated SUV back in the day (thus the reason Yenni acquired it), I am told by sources familiar with in Parish government during the early 1990s that Mayor Yenni’s uncle drove a 1993 Oldsmobile, an assertion Mayor Yenni also mentioned to Slabbed mainly because he remembered riding in the car when he was a kid. Continue reading “Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride”

Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook

Folks this Kenner politicians monument deal still has people talking and since hiz honner is still trying to defend what ‘Gate calls the indefensible we need to catch up and then highlight the latest as rumor holds Mayor Yenni is angry that Patricia’s artistic renderings of Kenner monument to its politicians are more popular with the public than his Great Wall of Felons going up in Kenner’s City Council Chambers so lets start off with some more of Patricia’s artistic renderings:

But alas Patricia is nowhere near alone marveling at the overstuffed egos populating Kenner City government as Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry explained before Thanksgiving:

Speaking of walls, perhaps it was the movie “Do the Right Thing” that inspired Kenner’s self adulation? You remember Buggin’ Out, don’t you? He was the customer at Sal’s Pizzeria who, after seeing all the 8×10 glossies of Italian Americans around him, demanded, “Sal, how come you ain’t got no brothers up on the wall here?” Sal responds by pulling out his Louisville Slugger.

The Kenner City Council has no Sal to petition, only itself. Can’t you just hear them: “How come we ain’t up on the wall here? Yeah, brother. Yeah, sister. How come?”

Kenner City Council member Michele Branigan hamming it up for the cameras after Hurricane Katrina

The unscientific poll included with DeBerry’s piece indicates only the politicians wanting to see their names engraved think this is a good idea but as we since found out never, ever try to get between Kenner politicians and the self-indulgence of their egos, despite the following protestation from councilwoman Michele Branigan:

“Council Chairwoman Michele Branigan said it’s a little ridiculous that some people have criticized the wall as an attempt by politicians to seek attention. Branigan argued that most of the city’s politicians shun the spotlight.

“Honestly, we’re not jumping in front of the photographer,” she said.”

Indeed Branigan does not appear to jump in front of photographers as she evidently favors Continue reading “Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook”

Citizens for a Better Kenner busts Mayor Yenni and his shit house executive pay plan. Aaron Broussard’s ghost is alive and well at Kenner City Hall

Kenner is a special kind of political cesspool and frankly it makes the folks in Jefferson Parish’s other major political cesspool aka the City of Gretna look like bush leaguers. I mention this because yesterday the T-P’s Mary Sparacello highlighted a clash between the Citizens for a Better Kenner and the city on whether “car allowances” count as compensation or are merely some form of advance reimbursement as the City Attorney contends.  Given my day job profession, I was delighted to see this dispute make the paper because Mayor Yenni and his crony City Attorney could not be more wrong and frankly I hope the IRS shows up to collect the back social security taxes owed on the $90K plus paid by the City annually under the arrangement.

While the tax answer is different if you run a construction company and pay truck allowances which are conceptually considered rent and reported in box 1 of Form 1099, expense advances made under a “non accountable” plan are treated as supplemental compensation and is subject to all the taxes found on a regular paycheck.  There is a rumor floating about that City actually has a couple of CPAs on staff that I would hope is familiar with these very basic tax rules but on the off-chance I can do a bit of educating, Circular E aka Pub 15 has all the skinny plus some.

The bottom line here is Walt Bennetti and the CFBK are spot on in their criticisms that Yenni’s car allowance plan is simply an attempt to resurrect portions of the now infamous Aaron Broussard “executive pay plan” which was both illegal and not prosecuted by DA Paul Connick, who is absolutely useless when it comes to prosecuting political corruption.

I could be wrong but I think the IRS pays up to 15% of any recoveries made from tips to its whistle-blower program.  This one is ripe for the picking IMHO as it is clear-cut despite the protestations of the City Attorney.