Today is G day in Jefferson Parish. Garbage/Landfill contract to be let at todays council meeting

Did someone tell me the lobbyists for Jefferson Parish and IESI are one in the same and involve someone with the last name of Coulon? I thought so.

Godspeed to the M&M sisters at today’s meeting and for holding the crooks on the council feet to the fire.


Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.

Folks, if there has been one piece of information disclosed to us that has survived the test of time to this point, it is that multiple Jefferson Parish politicians have personal stakes in seeing River Birch succeed.  This factoid was disclosed to Nowdy and I very early on in this unfolding saga and was reinforced by the John Alario / Dan Robin litigation with River Birch that we ran across and reported on in March 2010.  To make a further connection, one straight into Jim Letten’s office, we must first begin with Telemachus’ comment left yesterday on my last major post on Waste Management which placed the Dutchie Connick memo into context.

To further set things up I think we all need to understand the Dutchie Connick Memo is evidence that has come to light because of the Parish’s suit against Waste Management and comes straight from the “Dutchie file” kept by Waste Management.  What’s new is that coupled with the depositions we recently published, we can now see the River Birch scheme was hatched way back in 2004. If I were a betting man, I’d lay money that Jennifer Sneed Heebe knew when she ran for re-election in 2007 she would not finish the term. She wasn’t the only one either IMHO and that is where Telemachus hits pay dirt for us by bringing in the name of the now interim tax assessor, Ron Maestri. Before we get to Ron let’s start with Telemachus:

Have we thought about this memo enough?

Why is Dutchie important?

He had been a campaign manager for DA Connick and had faced off vs Chehardy – no love lost there.

October 2004 – the first putsch to install River Birch, from the 10.13.04 TP: Continue reading “Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.”

Someone want to let us in on the chain?

This post has experienced a spike in site traffic lately and if I had to guess the link is being emailed around based on the referral source.  It involves Chris Roberts, Gretna Police Chief Lawson and 2 of his boys including Robert’s staffer Brett Lawson and their connections to Adams and Reese lobbyst Chris Coulon, son of soon to be indicted former Parish President Tim Coulon and DA Conncik’s brother Dutchie Connick and his connection to Kass Brothers Construction and Kass’ connections to the River Birch landfill, whose offices were recently raided by the FBI.  Whew that was a mouthful.


Now that the Waste Management nuke has detonated, let’s explore the radioactive fallout.

The answer my friends is clearly on the Slab, as SupaSleuth indeed lives up to the moniker. So I put some of the names up in the post tag but those wanting all the skinny regarding some of the allegations Waste Management levied against Parish Government for double dealing should check out the Sleuth’s comment here. Great stuff my man.

Also Whitmergate wrote a guest post for us back in June which touched on the same subject.

Tom Capella is in the post tags because there is a Capella in this woodpile maybe 2. I think most everyone understands the significance of Bob. Adams and Reese because of the Coulon lobbying connection.

I feel safe in saying everyone that matters is reading this post. Additional color in comments about Bordelon and his relationship with Lagasse along with the Capellas mucho appreciated in the greater Slabbed Nation.


From the Slabbed mail bag: Stop it Sop! You're making Mikey the Cook Cry!!

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

Folks the Slabbed mailbag is the gift that keeps on giving today (besides Poldawg) as my last post on Jim Donelon and Mike Chaney aka Jimbo the Clown and Mikey the Cook has evidently hit close to home. 

I’ll freely admit the New Media is a concept that is mostly lost on career politicians and their entourage of political hacks and this despite the excellent advice dispensed by our friend Dambala at the American Zombie in early June. In any event I thought of Dambala’s post when I received this forward from our contact form: 

The fake picture with Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney with his head up his a.. is vulgar at best. Anonymous postings are cowardly – why don’t you have the guts to say Continue reading “From the Slabbed mail bag: Stop it Sop! You're making Mikey the Cook Cry!!”