Been hearing from a lot of old friends lately…..

Between all you guys I think I received every media link on John Young’s brother being indicted for possessing kiddie bestiality porn from Costa Rica. The Louisiana Voice got a post up about the time I received the first tip on this latest development.

The Slabbed tweet was way on the inside but Chris Young’s problems started earlier this year:

FBI said investigating Troy Hebert for using office to extort sex from woman in exchange for fixing licensing problems ~ Tom Aswell

The sagest of political observers will tell you the problems really began much earlier thus the Slabbed tweet as there is a fair amount of evidence that indicates those first stories from January of this year trace back in part to Quinn, who now appears to be permanently on the outs with Brother John. Stay tuned.

Thursday Links: The Walkers cave as the jailbreak begins

You gotta figure Mr. Ziegler and Ms. Shumate can’t be far behind. As for me I think I need a bit more coffee.  😉

Bill and Scott Walker ready to plead guilty to felonies ~ Anita Lee

From the it must be nice to know Fugate files…… (h/t Sun Herald)

Why Taxpayers Will Bail Out the Rich When the Next Storm Hits ~ Bill Dedman

Meet the Flood Insurance ‘Robin Hood’ Who Saves Condo Owners Millions ~ Bill Dedman

So there you have it folks, people with side condos on the beach get the NFIP’s best rates while homeowners in Bay St Louis get stuck with their bill. Worth noting is Congressman Steven Palazzo voted for Biggert-Waters Act, an act that will likely bankrupt substantial numbers of his own constituents. Heckuva job Palazzi!

3 Doors Down’s Todd Harrell needs an intervention ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Cochran’s not the only one who doesn’t know McDaniel ~ Paul Hampton

Finally a two pack from the Advocate:

Jefferson hospital consultant to review only proposals to run both facilities ~ Jeff Adelson

Man charged with running ‘child exploitation’ ring ~ Jim Mustain

Slabbed Rapid Fire Segment: Lets start with a Dean Kelly update

Well folks, let’s just say things have gone from bad to worse for Team Kelly since my first post on this topic last week. To recap what has happened since then, Sheriff Guzman did confirm Kelly did get shitkicked at Parish Prison though he described a different set of circumstances than Team Kelly’s version of events. That said when inmates can let themselves out of their own cells it is clear Parish Prison could be confused with the jail in Maybury which means it is a good thing a new one eventually will be built.

Then on Friday we get word via the Times Picayune’s John Simerman that Kelly went to a court hearing on Friday to have his bail reduced so he could check out of OPP only to find the State has added another rape charge to go along with a child pornography charge. His newest alleged rape victim was 14 when at the time and folks something tells me it only gets worse from here. Simerman’s story was well written journalistically but the normally dull Joe Friday like style of genre was nicely enhanced here IMHO. As a bonus we also learn Slabbed’s old friend Michael Fawer is handling the defense for Team Kelly.

I suspect whatever chance Team Kelly has will be at the appellate level. I’ll keep an eye on this story due to back story and/or enhancement potential.