It’s a Slabbed Wednesday Drill Down: A Pacaccio by another name……

Let’s first review:

A perusal of Jeff Net indicates Ms Pacaccio’s star witness is none other than disgraced former Parish Prez turned government informant Tim Coulon, who I am certain can well illuminate Ms Pacaccio’s tenure on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building.

I decided not to wait for Tiny Tim to illuminate. Click the pic to get the entire two page pdf. Add a Dave Sherman to the woodpile as the name of the LLC sez it all folks.

Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….

After all folks, no one in their right mind spends their own money running farewell ads unless they are gearing up to run for another office.  Now leaving aside the fact the ads are frankly silly IMHO as the good folks in Louisiana are taxed to death he leaves out that the pols need your tax dollars to loot out on the back end of earmark scams and to employ their cronies.  IMHO career politician Lawrence Chehardy is simply a slicker version of Byron Lee and a guy who probably never missed a chance to double dip his entire career.

In respects what we are seeing unfold Continue reading “Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….”

You speak out and we break your legs. The Jefferson Parish way of doing business via fear and intimidation on display as Latter & Blum fires Arthur Sterbcow.

Couresty of American Zombie

No one that lives, works or conducts business in Jefferson Parish is immune as this story posted last night on the Times Picayune’s website by Becky Mowbray illustrates:

Arthur Sterbcow, the public face of the largest real estate firm in New Orleans, was terminated as president of Latter & Blum, Inc./Realtors Tuesday for providing information to The Times-Picayune about assessment values and home prices in Jefferson Parish for a story published on Sunday.

The information, known as broker price options, showed a 14 percent gap between home sale prices and property tax assessments made by Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence E. Chehardy.

Going in, seasoned Jefferson Parish observers understand it takes a certain amount of testicular fortitude to report the story. The lack of sack exhibited last night on Fox 8 about Debbie Villio’s political fund-raiser illustrates that fact. When it comes to getting out the story, the local media becomes an enabler when they bow to threats and intimidation. I suspect that is why Jim Brown opined during my short interview with him last Friday night on WJBO in Baton Rouge along the lines that it takes a Mississippi guy to blow the lid off the corruption in Jefferson Parish as we continue: Continue reading “You speak out and we break your legs. The Jefferson Parish way of doing business via fear and intimidation on display as Latter & Blum fires Arthur Sterbcow.”

Anyone else notice Chehardy Sherman de-Norma’d their website? Hmmm. (Updated)

This is the second time we linked a website that supported one of our Jefferson Parish political corruption posts only to have the owner break the link. This time it was the Chehardy Sherman law firm who evidently is no longer quite so proud of their previous association with Aaron Broussard’s daughter in law Norma. Luckily for us and (like the Billy Hill Trail Society) it lives on in the google cache. (H/T John Deaux)

The first time it happened was with our post on Trout Point Lodge and Aaron Broussard’s association with the Billy Hill Trails Society which can be found here.

Nowdy my mind is open to the possibility we’re doing some serious damage to the entrenched political establishment in Jefferson Parish. :mrgreen:

Stay tuned folks. We have posts coming on old-fashioned Jefferson Parish corruption that includes some dumpster diving and a Craig Codina update.


As predicted the google cache was cleared but our readers can view the web archive here.