Well folks, this Trout Point thing has really rattled some cages.

My web host has disabled the new site after they received the following complaint from lawyers representing the Times Picayune.

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It has come to our attention that you are the host of a blog, slabbed.org, to which a comment has been posted containing, among other content, the text of an article copied from the entities above. (A copy of the original article is attached hereto.) The comment containing the infringing content was posted by user “telemachus” on February 16, 2011, at 4:21pm, and is located at the following URL:

http://slabbed.org/2011/02/15/john-young-fire-3-unqualified-paralegals-finally-where-the-heck-was-peggy-barton-and-her-blowbuddy-lil-pup-this-whole-time/comment-page-1/#comment-7786 Continue reading “Well folks, this Trout Point thing has really rattled some cages.”

About Aaron Broussard’s purported ownership of Trout Point Lodge (Updated)

Ok folks I’m sitting on around 10 posts worth of tips without alot of time to publish anything but I saw the Times Picayune ran a correction to yesterday’s story that dealt with former Jefferson parish President Aaron Broussard’s reported ownership in a Nova Scotia luxury vacation lodge that he allegedly rented to parish venders. Let’s start with the correction:

A photo caption in some Thursday editions of The Times-Picayune said that former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard owns a stake in a luxury development centered around Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia. An accompanying story quoted Bennett Powell, owner of a Metairie insurance claims adjusting firm that does business with Jefferson Parish, as saying that Broussard’s property was Trout Point Lodge. Charles Leary, managing director of Trout Point, said Broussard has no “ownership or management involvement with Trout Point Lodge, Limited.” Corporate records in Canada do not list Broussard as an officer of Trout Point Lodge Limited.

Fair enough but if that is the case then why are so many folks in Jefferson Parish publicly making these allegations against Broussard? Yet according to the original story linked above a gentleman named Charles Leary told Times Picayune reporter Richard Rainey: Continue reading “About Aaron Broussard’s purported ownership of Trout Point Lodge (Updated)”