Slabbed is gettin’ ziggy with the Zombie: A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

 Well, you know folks, my people have been getting with his people and some people don’t like that per the comments.  😉

I am proud to say that we’ve taken part in making the anal sphincters of two undeserving would be politicians twitch mightily lately and that does not count the Jefferson Parish Council nor Jimbo the Clown and his sidekick Mikey the Cook. I’d be remiss if I did not add our own Poldawg has a cyber brother over NOLA way on Team Richmond.

Now we are a bipartisan bunch over here at Slabbed and we exhibit a strong streak of independence like our own Congressman Gene Taylor so I have no compunction to say everyone in NOLA should vote for Joseph Cao with a clear conscience because one can never go wrong voting for an honest man.

As always we thank the Slabbed Nation for your support.


The Zombie calls Cedric Richmond out to play. A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

Did Tina take the fall for Cedric? This is the abiding question in my mind based on what we now know. Dambala over at American Zombie has rolled out another great post as he took Mr. CLS’s tip and put alot of meat on dem bones.  As several insurers read us I’ll add if there was a claim the other side of the transaction it would be a very interesting read IMHO.  It also exposes another avenue where others can gain a bit of leverage on ol’ Ced, which can’t be a good thing for his would be constituents in any way shape or form.

So while I’m chasing down Cedric’s connections in Jefferson Parish Government, and yes Virginia there are some, I seem to remember there are some West Bank charity/earmark lootings that were connected to Byron Lee. I’m hoping one of our readers can help jog my memory on that.

Props to Jason for a job well done.


Tanzie Tanzie who do I turn to????? A Cedric Richmond Charity looting update. (Updated)

Are the national Dems running away from ol’ Ced like heck, having seen the error of their ways or are they that confident they have forced a crooked Bill Jefferson political hack on the good folks in NOLA for their voice in DC?  With all the bullshitting that goes on in politics we may never know but we do know who Ced turns to for his campaign shilling in one Tanzie Jones.

Tanzie do we know ya? I thought so.


Update: Mr CLS sent us a Slab-o-gram and as usual it was spot on.  Following his tip I found this story about Tanzie. She is evidently a lying sack of shit herself and political hack to boot. Here is an excerpt:

Jones, who briefly filled the same role for Mayor Ray Nagin in 2004, had been working as an aide to Murray’s legislative colleague, state Sen. Ann Duplessis. Jones left Duplessis’ staff about a month ago.

She handled media relations for state Rep. Cedric Richmond during his short-lived run for the City Council in 2005 and signed on as a volunteer with the mayoral campaign of Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, who failed to unseat Nagin in 2006. Before she was hired by the city, Jones worked as an assignment editor for ABC-26 News.

After joining Nagin’s staff as a media relations assistant in March 2003, Jones took over as press secretary in August after two of her superiors resigned. She stepped down three months later in the wake of revelations that she claimed a college degree on her resume that the University of New Orleans said she never earned.

All the current players behind Richmond as well. Small world eh Mayor Mitchmo???

Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson.

But hey don’t take my word for it. Here is what the Louisiana ODC had to say about ol’ Ced:

The board found that respondent knowingly violated duties owed to the public and the legal system. Respondent made a false statement in an affidavit when he signed the 2005 Notice of Candidacy form stating that he was domiciled at 8701 Lomond Road. Respondent refused to acknowledge or correct this misrepresentation during the civil trial that challenged his candidacy. Instead, he tried to blame other parties or twisted his testimony to suit the circumstances. Furthermore, respondent is an elected official, representing the 101st legislative district in the Louisiana House of Representatives. He refused to acknowledge the qualifying rules regarding domicile in the election for Council District D. The resulting civil trial challenging respondent’s candidacy burdened the legal system unnecessarily. Under the ABA’s Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions, the board found the baseline sanction for respondent’s misconduct is a suspension from the practice of law……….

We find respondent’s statement of domicile in the 2005 qualifying form was false, and that after his candidacy for office was challenged, he made similarly false statements regarding his domicile in pleadings and oral testimony in the election contest. Moreover, we accept the hearing committee’s factual finding that respondent’s misconduct was knowing……

Here is the whole doc from which I quoted. I guarantee the fix was in on the related civil case from the CDC to the 4th Circuit. Continue reading “Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson.”

Ol’ girl Steph just can’t help herself and pumps a crooked pol by attacking the messenger: A Cedric Richmond charity looting update

Folks if you want to know one of the major reasons the greater New Orleans area has remained a cesspool of corruption for literally generations one need look no farther than to the certain New Orleans media outlets, most notably the Times Picayune. Here is a snippet from Stephanie Grace’s column which ran today:

Yet when asked, Cao supplied no evidence of wrongdoing on Richmond’s part, other than to point to a blog, The American Zombie, that offers a lot of smoke but nothing like a smoking gun implicating Richmond in any criminality.

It appears the art of investigative journalism is truely a lost one in certain old line journalism circles. At least Steph got the bezel right.

Just like with the recent Porteous impeachment it appears there are some do not want much digging done in the past. Where there is smoke there is fire just like once upon a time where there was a Coulon eating breakfast there would be a Steph eating at the Coulon trough too. Some things never change…..

Our money remains on the Zombie.


The Times Picayune unzips and pisses all over the Zombie. A Cedric Richmond charity looting update.

So here we have it folks, a certified card carrying member of the old Dollar Bill Jefferson political machine who looks to have looted out at least 2 charities Jefferson style and the Times Picayune in one corner and Dambala and other bloggers in the other.

Is it me or did the paper manufacture “facts” to make a point? Do we have a problem with public record requests in New Orleans and Baton Rouge?

Slabbed reports you decide.


ps. Our money is still on the Zombie.

pps. Pissing on a Zombie is an especially bad idea IMHO.

Joe Cao takes the offensive. Dambala’s explosive allegations make the cross over in a big way.

Dambala aka Jason at the American Zombie has done some exhaustive work into the relationship with current LA 2nd Congressional district hopeful Cedric Richmond and a non-profit, NOCA, that Damabala says was looted by Richmond and friends Bill Jefferson style. We’ve highlighted that work and wondered for several weeks why Jason’s reporting never made the cross over to the mass media from the blogosphere.  Well, we wonder no more because it finally did with a story by Michelle Krupa and Frank Donze in today’s Times Picayune.

Our money remains on Jason and I doubt we’ve heard the last of this.


Yes, I can verify Barack Obama just made me puke…..

Cedric Richmond will make an outstanding representative for this district, and I am proud to support him in this election because he shares our values and supports our agenda,” Obama said in a written statement.

Obama was bright enough to run away from Bagneris but not so bright as to run away from a Bill Jefferson protegé. Telling no?

We’re sticking with the Zombie. Barack yer all wet!


Zombie we feel your pain. At least James Gill has come to the Cedric Richmond Party.

A crook is a crook is a crook regardless of party affiliation folks and we live that mantra here at Slabbed.  The congressman of the slabbed, New Orleans native Gene Taylor, well understands this too which is why he was one of the few early innovators in the House of Representatives over that corrupt sack of shit that is New York Congressman Charlie Rangel.  I suspect the occasional hit pieces from the far left of Gene’s own party that occasionally land in the media are no doubt related to his stance on Rangel needing to resign but history and his constituents will judge Gene kindly on this matter IMO.  Given what’s out there in the political world its nice to have a guy in DC looking out for us here on the coast that is honest.

New Orleanians on the other hand have long had a penchant for sending the most dishonest people they could to DC and the results show.  The local Dems are doing it again backing a corrupt political hack in Cedric Richmond against Joe Cao for Bill Jefferson’s old house seat. Frankly it is mind boggling, especially given the fantastic investigative journalism going on over at Damabala’s place, the American Zombie where he has chronicled Richmond looting a charity with Ike Spears in a way they certainly learned from the Jeffersons. Dambala’s work has thus far been ignored by the NOLA area media who evidently thought they had that luxury in 2010.  I think it was a collective miscalculation.

The commentary to Dambala’s posts on the topic have been interesting as there are some evidently otherwise intelligent folks who appear to subscribe to the theory that a crook from my political party is better than an honest man from the other.  I’ll pull the lever for the honest man every time and plan to support a gentleman for Gov here in Mississippi that is both honest and Republican. It is the same reason I don’t think twice voting for Gene. Continue reading “Zombie we feel your pain. At least James Gill has come to the Cedric Richmond Party.”