Are they catching on? James Gill explains the behind the scenes on the Times Picayune’s crooks and liars endorsement.

I saw the T-P endorsement OpEd yesterday and frankly was not surprised by what I saw though I was a bit disappointed.  We held our fire though because we don’t have to live with the potential toxic after effects of plugging dishonest sacks of crap like Cedric Richmond and David Vitter.

I think newspaper reporters should comment on their stories when appropriate. The opinion folks even more so within reason. Communication engenders trust after all while chinese firewalls don’t so it was gratifying to see James Gill explain how a newspaper can endorse crooked sacks of shit like Richmond and Vitter and still hold their heads high the next day.  It is a welcome development IMHO.

Now just between us girls, I had this exact discussion with two news side journalists within the past month.  Both wished newspapers would not endorse any candidates as it keeps life simpler for them gathering the news.

In today’s day and age  I don’t know that the voting public as a whole cares about media endorsements. Meantime the commentary to Tyler Durden’s Zero Hedge guest post on Useful Idiots I linked earlier this morning is highly entertaining.  I think I know the punchline behind the post but I may be too Machiavellian in my thinking…..