File this one under you live by the sword you die by the sword….

It’s official, drunken MDOT Executive Bully Butch Brown’s career is over as the axe was delivered while Butch was at MD Anderson getting treatment for his cancer.  The bad news for the coast is that we are now on the wrong end of the historical 2-1 split at MDOT.  I wonder if they’ll be moving Wayne Brown out of the palace in Jackson to a construction trailer?

 There has got to be a better way of doing this transportation thing. Maybe like the 49 other states do……..


Let’s make a deal! MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown takes a plea.

MDOT Executive Director Larry 'Butch" Brown

I suspect there are some in the legal profession that bemoan the fact that the general public just doesn’t get it.  I would submit after reading the comments to the breaking story that MDOT Executive Director cut a deal on his public drunk charge that the public gets it and then some.

For our newer readers Brown is a notorious bully that has about as much finesse as a drunk elephant.  His latest bit of idiocy involved cursing US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood a few weeks back in Biloxi.  He exists in government thanks in part to the nutless wonders that populate our state senate who collectively lack the sack to stand up to a common bully. Continue reading “Let’s make a deal! MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown takes a plea.”

Slabbed Mississippi political news miscellany: Drunken domestic abuse edition.

MDOT Executive Director Larry 'Butch" Brown

We’ve covered the ongoing stories of 2 good examples of how not to behave in political hack Scott Walker of Ocean Springs and executive director Butch Brown of MDOT and there is news regarding both men here in the local press we must highlight for the Slabbed Nation.

Let’s begin with Brown, who was found sleeping at a slot machine at the Beau Rivage last July after a hard night of drinking.  More recently he made a king size ass of himself at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials conference held last week at the Beau directing an expletive filled tirade at Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez. The Mississippi Business Journal’s Magnolia Marketplace blog broke the story so it with their coverage we begin as it also adds color to Brown’s July arrest in Biloxi (H/T Yallpolitics):

Back in July, Mississippi Department of Transportation Executive Director Butch Brown attended the meeting of an economic development group at the Beau Rivage on a Thursday night, and got arrested early the next morning for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Continue reading “Slabbed Mississippi political news miscellany: Drunken domestic abuse edition.”

We have a lot of out of state readers who no doubt wonder…

Exactly what it is that makes Mississippi this nation’s armpit, Numero 50 baby!

It started with a group of de-slaved nabobs in the Delta determined to hold on to their morally bankrupt pre-civil war way of life, where tactics like political disenfranchisement (as in the rest of the State) were excellent ingredients for keeping the populace under educated and in poverty. Throw in a proclivity for electing every government position down to dog catcher and not only do we march to the beat of a different drummer here we’re marching down the middle of the drainage ditch instead of the parade route. Mississippi does lead the nation in the export of human capital.

So as the only state that elects our transportation commissioners shouldn’t we expect the double self dealing along with the senseless squander of taxpayer dollars? Good job Brownie! In keeping with the recently musically based slabbed theme I’m moved to song. This one is dedicated to Butch Brown: (The rest of you keep shaking your heads thanking God we’re here tending to last place.)