Election 2015: Harrison Co. Chancery Clerk Candidate Brian Carriere on the Woody Pringle embezzlement

In 2010 it was discovered that the trust accounts of dozens of Harrison County residents had been raided by an attorney responsible for overseeing these accounts.  The Chancery Clerk was required by MS statute to audit these accounts annually, but is allowed to do so more frequently.  John McAdams failed in his duties and responsibilities and the attorney committed suicide when the embezzlement was discovered.

I am running for Chancery Clerk to protect every citizen of Harrison County, especially our most vulnerable.  It is a travesty that this occurred in the first place, but it is even more of a tragedy that the Clerk is claiming he, too, was a victim and that we should credit him for stopping the embezzlement.  The culture of corruption that exists in Mississippi politics MUST end.  We can only do it one office at a time but on August 4 the voters in Harrison County have an opportunity to replace one incumbent with a new perspective.

I promise to be a FULL TIME Chancery Clerk.  I have plans to implement strong control measures to secure your tax dollars and the estates and property of our vulnerable citizens who have been assigned to the Chancery office by the court.  To learn more visit www.votebrianc.com and please vote for Brian Carriere in the Republican primary on August 4 in Harrison County.

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Politics and Grass Lawn Part 2: Brian Carriere Beats a Hasty Retreat

As public outrage over the ill advised City Council Tuesday vote to turn down a $500,000 grant to rebuild Grass Lawn coalesces, the three city council members who let politics stand in the way of recovery are running hard for cover. Today’s news involves Brian Carriere, the man who said he was against rebuilding Grass Lawn all along but would have voted to put off discussion had he known the grant would have been turned down. He is beating a very hasty retreat as Ryan LaFontain’s story exhibits:

In an e-mail Thursday to the City Council and City Hall, Councilman Brian Carriere took issue with a Sun Herald report this week on Grass Lawn.

The City Council voted 3-2 on Tuesday to reject a $500,000 grant from the state Department of Archives and History, money specifically for rebuilding Grass Lawn that the city will not be required to repay. Continue reading “Politics and Grass Lawn Part 2: Brian Carriere Beats a Hasty Retreat”