Anyone else notice…..

That our fonts have turned blue? Normally I’m the quiet behind the scenes guy who trouble shoots such things here at slabbed but frankly this one has me stumped.

In other news Brent Warr announced he won’t be running for re-elction due to the fight to clear his name in USA v Warr. The FEMA charges will prove problematic for he and Mrs Warr IMHO.
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The city must move on and with George Schloegel qualifying for the mayor’s race in Gulfport the City will be getting a great man with a lifetime of wisdom running Mississippi’s largest publicly traded company. George comes equipped with mucho business sense to hit the ground running and continue the task of rebuilding Gulfport’s beachfront and downtown. Uncle Leo would no doubt be very proud.

Wait a second Sop are you coronating George Mayor in advance of the election? The short answer is yep, sure am.

Finally the Grinch that stole Christmas is suing his former company AIG for imploding from the subprime Continue reading “Anyone else notice…..”

Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Drinking ‘Shroom juice at the Wall Street Journal, Cottages, Community, Warr and Wind Pool

I must be quick so I can get on the road to Buzzard Roost and there are several items that we need to cover so let’s start with the men and women on the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial board who evidently found a local source for psyclobin mushrooms (and consumed alot of tea) before they wrote this:

Mr. Crist’s behavior stands in contrast to that of Louisiana, of all places. Baton Rouge also established a Citizens insurer after Katrina but only as a “last resort.” Louisiana has a thriving private insurance market, in part because regulators have let companies adjust their rates. By law, Louisiana Citizens cannot offer competitive prices, save in a few high-risk coastal areas. From a peak of about 170,000 policies in 2007, it now holds about 130,000 (about what it had before Katrina) and is aiming to get below 100,000.

Note how these lit and hallucinating buffoons neglected to mention how many policies Louisiana Citizen’s had in 2004 and 2005 or the fact the guy running Louisiana Citizens (now under federal indictment) that entire time was paying his daughter’s prom bill with policyholder premiums.  Maybe next time they should check with Jim Brown before they have their combo mushroom binges/editorial board meetings. Since Bob Bartley died the only thing I can add about the remaining folks in opinion at the WSJ is that you guys really suck.

Watching the cottage controversy unfold from afar I shake my head at the utter uselessness of the approach taken by certain of the affordable housing advocates. Nowdy, who happens to know a thing or two about these type issues, contends in our internal Slabbed editorial board meetings very real issues are being obscured by the yet “another Thompson/Barbour pissing contest” and I’m inclined to agree and in this case I don’t blame our Gov.  It is simple economics; throwing money putting people without means into “affordable housing” does nothing to fix the larger problem.  Good paying jobs makes housing affordable. Meantime we have renters that actually work full time who are wondering where they will live when the FEMA rental assistance program ends this month. To the extent the renters work, received no grant and have no shot at a freebie cottage they have my sympathies. And since they work they can’t spend time raising cain at local City council meetings which brings us back to the “uselessness”. Solutions to thorny issues lie in the advancement of knowledge and awareness. People of goodwill can genuinely disagree but that doesn’t mean they can’t work together trying to find workable solutions to hard issues. Sometimes the politicians don’t make it easy but I’ve found both the Bay and Waveland the city councils are listening to a variety of opinions and genuinely want to do what is best for the community. Continue reading “Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Drinking ‘Shroom juice at the Wall Street Journal, Cottages, Community, Warr and Wind Pool”

Cookie Cutter Justice – USA v Warr

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.

Hang with me and, hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll see how the title, the quote and USA v Warr are connected.  Maybe.

Having never seen House Beautiful report on an indictment or the National Inquirer cover a home renovation, I can’t tell if I’ve linked to a news story (or what).

There are several central issues in the indictment against the Warrs. They include whether or not the Warr home was both their primary residence and occupied by them at the time the hurricane hit on August 29, 2005. These occupancy requirements are cited in the rules for receiving a Homeowner Grant from the Mississippi Development Agency (MDA).  A MDA Homeowner Grant provides up to $150,000 to help rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by Katrina’s storm surge that were outside the federal flood zones that existed at the time of the hurricane. The Warrs did receive the full amount.

The reference to “rules” – not law, not federal regulation but “rules” – is significant.  Federal assistance to the states has two audit trails.  One measures compliance with related fiscal requirements and the other measures compliance with program requirements. The two audit trails, however, are interdependent.  Simply stated:

Try, try, try to separate them
Its an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion
Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage…
You can’t have one without the other.

Matt Jadack was Deputy Inspector General for Disaster Assistance Oversight when he submitted testimony to Congress on the challenge the FEMA faced in that regard: Continue reading “Cookie Cutter Justice – USA v Warr”

Breaking: Lexington loses big at the 5th Circuit (Again). Shades of the Warrs…

This case has a little something for the people stopping in from google checking on the recent Brent Warr news (google is very very good to us) 🙂 as well as those of us that like seeing the courts make insurers honor their contracts. Let’s start with an excerpt from today’s ruling at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Korbel v Lexington:

In October 2002, Korbel purchased a home at 430-432 Olivier Street (the “house”) in New Orleans, Louisiana, and began extensive renovations which were not completed prior to Hurricane Katrina. Korbel ate, bathed, and slept at his parents’ house, but sometimes slept at the house when he was working there late and was too tired to return to his parents’ house. Lexington insured the house, and the policy covered damage to the house, other structures, and personal property, as well additional living expenses resulting from loss of use. Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29, 2005, before the renovations had been completed. At the time, the property was two-thirds gutted, lacked a finished kitchen (including refrigerator) and bathroom, contained minimal furniture, and received electricity via a temporary pole. Korbel first reported his claim to Lexington on September 26, 2005.

Though I’m severely pressed for time this case became compelling for obvious reasons as a large part of the criminal case against Mayor Warr hinges on his residency when the storm hit. Let’s dig deeper into the fact patterns and see if any of this applies: Continue reading “Breaking: Lexington loses big at the 5th Circuit (Again). Shades of the Warrs…”

Breaking: Brent Warr Indicted (Updated)

What a sad day for the Mississippi Coast. The investigation has been lengthy and no doubt very thorough. This case boils down to Warr’s place of residence when Katrina hit. The feds evidently are not buying into the story he lived on the beach when the storm hit.  Here is the indictment courtesy of Yallpolitics. Now the mayors of the two largest cities in the State are under federal indictment.

The Sun Herald coverage is here. “Uncle Walter” will be the judge.  😉


Insurance fraud is part of the mix per counts 13-16. According to the indictment he and the Mrs defrauded Lexington Insurance.

We have a new post examining a civil case released today by the 5h Circuit Court of Appeals that deals with a Katrina residency issue. It can be found here.