INYBUAR: Never a dull moment

In the past week we’ve had a U.S. Senate runoff primary election that saw the incumbent/underdog come from behind and win based upon expanding the electorate beyond traditional GOP support bases. Then of course, of all the crazy, zany things that accompanied the election such as discussion of Thad’s boss-tenant relationship with senior staffer Kay Weber along Constitutional Clayton sneaking into Rose Cochran’s nursing home room and snapping a few photos, one Clayton’s alleged co-conspirators, GOP stalwart Mark Mayfield puts a bullet in his own head, evidently unable to deal with the pressure of being charged as Clayton’s co-conspirator.  At this point it is worth noting it is not clear what, if any law Clayton, a now notorious dipshit, broke in taking Rose Cochran’s pic.  Here is what I think is the best piece on the Mayfield suicide:

Mayfield’s death ‘puts an exclamation point’ on election ~ Sam Hall

Of course over the weekend we get a bonus DUI:

Hinds County GOP chairman Pete Perry arrested for DUI ~ Sam Hall

Pete Perry!??!  Pete Perry???! And slowly I turned,,,,,

Republican Pete Perry Examines DEMOCRATIC Primary In HANCOCK County? ~ Cottonmouth Continue reading “INYBUAR: Never a dull moment”

Boss Hogg crony Ashley Edwards named executive director of the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission

Welp folks, hell must be freezing over as Hancock County has evidently run out of home grown political hacks and cronies to staff one of the local troughs.

Hancock port board endorses governor’s staffer as new director ~ Anita Lee

Hiring unqualified good ol boys to government jobs in Mississippi is nothing new as we’ve been reminded of late of that fact with DMR among other agencies but for a local plum appointment to go to an outsider in Hancock County is unheard of, especially when the board doing the appointing answers to the County Board of Supervisors.  Yes, of late local politics has made for strange bedfellows with Supervisor Steve Seymour crossing party lines to cuddle up with Lynn Fitch over at Scott Walker’s house last year but plucking a Phil Bryant staffer for a $150,000 job that could (some would say should) go to someone with the Ladner surname? OMG!!!

I did not jump right on the emerging story linked in comments by Mad as Hell on Sunday because I knew two things:

With due respect to the artist, I thought Boss Hogg’s snout needed a redder hue

For you newbies, with this post you’ll find after all these years I still have fun doing this internet thang.

Barbour portrait unveiled at Mississippi Capitol ~ Emily Wagster Pettus

This is what I was speaking. Notice the wonderful pink color when Boss Hogg was in high cotton circa 2005.

Closeup photo Boss Hogg’s snout circa late 2005 after his niece got over $28MM in no bid minority set aside contracts from the SBA

And now today: Continue reading “With due respect to the artist, I thought Boss Hogg’s snout needed a redder hue”

Moooooving along it appears Boss Hogg may have his own “Beef Plant”

We have lots of relative newbies here on Slabbed and so I’d be remiss if I did not point out Slabbed was the Beef Plant blog back in the day, thus the post title, as economic development boondoggles are nothing new in Mississippi.  With the Solar pump in full swing I reckon it is no surprise the MDA flushed $26 million taxpayer dollars down the toilet up Senatobia way on a Solar plant that never produced a single solar panel. At best this is the type of MDA incompetence that makes you want to grab a pitchfork and head to Jackson and at worst, well in the Beef Plant case things got far worse.

Since we’ve covered economic development boondoggles literally across the entire North American continent, I reckon Slabbed will follow this one too.

Because it is that good: “Shipping experts doubt Panama Canal expansion will bring the traffic, jobs being touted”

Yes I said 99% of the national financial media were sold out corporate whores but that does not mean there isn’t high quality business journalism happening folks.  The trick is knowing where to look and today, as is often the case, it is on the front page of the local paper.  Today Geoff Pender and Anita Lee examine the economics behind the Panama Canal expansion that includes a looksie at the shipping industry and the competition that ranks at the top of all the business stories I’ve read so far in 2012. The main reason for my enthusiasm is this piece has implications for every existing eastern port expanding in anticipation of the Panama Canal widening.

This snippet blows the political pump of these east coast harbor projects out of the water:

Daniel Yi, a spokesman for the port of Long Beach, Calif., notes shippers and rail services have invested billions in recent years in and around his port, one of the largest in the world. Continue reading “Because it is that good: “Shipping experts doubt Panama Canal expansion will bring the traffic, jobs being touted””

Boss Hogg leaves office with a bang as all the talk today in Mississippi is about his last minute pardons

Folks for those that have not heard, on his last day in office Mississippi Gov Boss Hogg issued almost 200 pardons, which by historic standards here in Mississippi is a huge number for a Gov.  It is troubling that he seemed to favor male murderers that killed women and the sheer number of last day pardons has some observers wondering if Gov Hogg  engaged in some pay to play with the process.  I don’t know what the going rate is for a pardon these days but legendary Louisiana legislator B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn, a Mississippi guy from way far back, once told me the story of how 2 head of cattle got his relative a pardon from then Mississippi Gov Bilbo so it is a fair question in my estimation.  My own two cents there is I don’t think Boss Hogg took any money folks but to paraphrase Nowdy I think I know how the cat or in this case the Hogg thinks.

There are two folks on the Gov’s list that drew my particular attention as I knew the victims personally and both have been highlighted in the press feeding frenzy today including an erroneous report in the Jackson Clarion Ledger. Before I get to them let me begin with the Mississippi AP trio of Holbrook Mohr, Emily Wagster Pettus and Jeff Amy’s coverage:

Among those getting full pardons was the brother of former NFL quarterback and Southern Miss standout Brett Favre. Earnest Scott Favre had his record cleared in the 1996 death of his best friend, Mark Haverty. Favre had driven in front of a train in Pass Christian while drunk, pleaded guilty in 1997, and was sentenced to a year of house arrest followed by two years’ probation.

I’ve known the victim’s family since I was a kid and due to the fact that Scott’s brother Brett is famous, this case made big news on the coast when the alcohol fueled tragedy happened back in the mid 90s. Continue reading “Boss Hogg leaves office with a bang as all the talk today in Mississippi is about his last minute pardons”

File this one under Party is only skin deep: North Mississippi Nabob Gray Tollison switches to the GOP

I had a good laugh yesterday courtesy of Jr’s comment on the post about that asshole masquerading as a school board member Michael Delesdernier because in all my time online with him, I’ve never ever seen an expletive used as Jr is squeaky clean that way.  Jr is upset with another lying sack of shit, former St Tammany assessor candidate Trey Blossman. So if Trey Blossman is a “pigfucker” I don’t know what that makes Mississippi State Senator Gray Tollison but it is something worse folks.  Before we get to that allow me to share the story behind how this story of North Mississippi jackassery made these pages sans Nowdy, who is greatly missed here.

I glanced at stats yesterday afternoon and noticed one of Nowdy’s archival posts on Obama’s belated  nominee to be US Attorney for  Mississippi Northern District in Felicia Adams getting some unusual traffic from the search string Gray Tollison divorce. I mention this because the early word was that ol’ Gray was Obama’s choice to be Northern District US Attorney. Yesterday, after standing for re-election Tuesday as a Democrat in Mississippi’s shrinking democrat country, Gray swapped parties.  I think if I were a voter in Oxpatch I’d be more than a little pissed about the bait and switch as Gray certainly likely would have drawn a democrat opponent if he had swapped parties pre-election.  The cut to the political partisans there had to be deep as we all witnessed the spectacle of Gray cuddled up with Boss Hogg yesterday making the announcement.

Duplicity and the Oxpatch bar is nothing new on these pages as these guys take the term ratfuck to a whole other level as we witnessed in the Scruggs prosecution, which the Tollison family had plenty to say about back in the day.  Hidden agendas and advancement of self-interest is the real story there and we saw it play out real-time yesterday at the news conference in Jackson. Continue reading “File this one under Party is only skin deep: North Mississippi Nabob Gray Tollison switches to the GOP”

After scoring her those no bid Katrina contracts Uncle Boss Hogg told Rosemary to “be careful”. She now swears he said “Bill FEMA Double”. A Rosemary Barbour taxpayer ripoff update.

Well folks, what can I say except Judge Christine Miller is getting warm when she labeled Rosemary Barbour “bumble headed” in a court of claims opinion that lays bare Barbour family greed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  To catch everyone up, after the Hurricane the Gov’s niece landed some big fat no bid minority set aside contracts despite the fact the sum total of her business experience was being a political hack and expert shoe shine girl.  Despite that, ol’ Rosemary was not content to do the work and collect the fat profits no sir. She stiffed her employees on overtime and billed FEMA for nonexistent work in a way that would certainly make Mark St Pierre and Aaron Bennett proud.

But folks this is the United States version 2.0, where to get in trouble for ripping off the government one must steal just a few thousand dollars and of course not be politically connected.  I mention this because Maria Recio’s McClatchy DC article makes it clear the Useless Attorney’s office here in Mississippi wouldn’t know fraud if it bit their sorry asses off.  Meantime the taxpayers are left with the bill while the Barbours remain as greedy as ever no doubt planning their next taxpayer-funded scam.

Judge Miller’s must read order can be found here and is damning IMHO, both towards Barbour and the government for aiding and abetting her crimes.


Soft on crime: Boss Hogg Haley Barbour releases another coast murderer early.

First it was “Michael David Graham, who had stalked his ex-wife, Adrienne Klasky, before shooting her to death in 1989 while she sat in her car at a traffic light in Pascagoula.” Graham scrubbed toilets at the Gov’s mansion and Boss Hogg evidently took a shine to him. Now we find out that despite repeated denials from Boss Hogg’s office, Barbour also had a role in the early release of Joseph Goff after serving just 8 years of a 20 year sentence he received for the premeditated killing of  Kyle Todd by shooting him through the front window of  Todd’s house “while Todd was standing by a Christmas tree inside his family’s Gautier home on Dec. 8, 2001. Todd died in his mother’s arms.”

Geoff Pender and Margaret Baker have all the skinny for the Sun Herald on this inexcusable early release of a guy who frankly deserves to rot forever behind bars IMHO.

Willie Horton indeed.