The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and

And what is ‘quid pro quo’ corruption ?

A regular commenter on Slabbed, ‘lockemuptight’ recently shared this rather pointed insight:

“…Despite the fact that the parish is still on the hook for a $55 million loan from FEMA the Council will spend the very last penny of public taxpayers money to protect their political thief-doms and to continue the solidarity of the council conspiracy. A conspiracy dedicated to the monopolization of certain parish contracts by certain campaign rich, parish contractors . Why not, it seems to be the newly, voter accepted Mafioso style of politically privileged capitalism.”

There are many avenues that campaign contributions to the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso take. These contributions almost always guarantee business with the Parish, whether engineering and/or architectural services; contractors of buildings, streets and other infrastructure; consultants for any number issues such as garbage or IT are almost universally heavy contributors to campaigns. However it is the millions and millions of dollars in legal fees paid to lawyers and law firms outside of the Parish Attorney’s Office that remains under the radar, and consequently mostly unknown to the public. In this matter there is no transparency! Continue reading “The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and”

Slabbed goes on assignment and strikes cyber gold

This is uncharacteristic of me in respects but I’ll share that we’re grinning large tonight as the cyber gods smiled upon us today. Nowdy and I have been out a good bit of late with the day jobs and family responsibilities but just like in Poltergeist we’re baaack.

It was good to meet Oyster today and to see AROD still as defiant as ever.  Also I’d like to give a shout out to our devoted readers at Blue Williams.  Your free tax advice stinks guys but would be crooks in Gucci suits get some of the best defense lawyers money can buy in the greater NOLA area.

Finally I heard today from two sources that Porteous hiring Professor Turley is the brainchild Continue reading “Slabbed goes on assignment and strikes cyber gold”