Local good government groups in the news: Say what?!!!

Jefferson Parish activists demand action on proposed contracting reforms ~ Manuel Torres

Welp folks, it looks like Councilman at large/River Birch Landfill errand boy Chris “Mini-me” Roberts has not had enough 5am potty visits to fully learn about the procurement reforms recommended month ago by the BGR. Look no further than the Performing Arts Center debacle to understand the need of getting corrupt politicians outta the government procurement biz.

LANA NOONAN: Expenditure of public funds should be discussed openly ~ Letter to the editor

It appears the editorial police at the Sun Herald are now allowing mention of the Bay Tech Building swindle on their pages, which is progress.  While Slabbed never has a problem properly attributing third party sources certain old line media outlets such as the Sun Herald’s editorial page folks can’t seem to tell certain stories without weaving in some tall tales as well. The Seacoast Echo and Bay Tech? Now that’s funny. 😆

Patsy Brumfield steps in deep doo-doo alleging Hatch Act violations by Public Safety Commissioner – Sun Herald covers for the “homeboy” with “everybody does it” story

First, Brumfield’s story from NEMS360.com: Simpson says he’s ‘not a candidate,’ so no Hatch Act Violation:

Stephen Simpson, who is running for attorney general, says he is not a candidate yet and therefore can’t be in violation of a federal law prohibiting state or local appointed executives from political party campaigns, if they administer federally funded programs.

Simpson, a Republican, is the appointed commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. On Jan. 14, he launched a statewide tour to announce his intention to be a candidate for attorney general…

The Daily Journal’s questions about Simpson’s candidacy began with the appearance of anti-drunk driving TV ads prominently featuring Simpson and his voice several days after he launched his campaign Jan. 14.

Next, the deep doo-doo shoveled up by and reported on Y’all Politics in Anatomy of a press hit: Continue reading “Patsy Brumfield steps in deep doo-doo alleging Hatch Act violations by Public Safety Commissioner – Sun Herald covers for the “homeboy” with “everybody does it” story”

Just tossing a football story in the mix…

Informative and entertaining, too, Jim Mashek of the Sun Herald is one of my favorite sports writers.  Consequently, when he wrote a commentary on my (current) favorite Rebel, Jerrell Powe, I just had to put up a post and share a few lines from Powe, Rebels were livin’ large in Big D:

Powe is the Ole Miss Rebels’ roadblock of a defensive tackle. He stands 6 feet, 2 inches, weighs somewhere north of 330 pounds and can bench press Rhode Island or something.


On Saturday, in a curious move, Nutt decided to channel his inner Mike Ditka and go Refrigerator Perry on the rest of college football.

Powe was stopped not once, but twice.

“That’s what I told them, when they were down at the goal line,” Powe said with a hearty laugh. “I told ‘em, ‘Y’all ain’t gonna score. You stopped me, but y’all ain’t gonna score.’ I was making some noise. No doubt.”

and, then

And when Powe finished his interviews, when the astute print journalists, the capable internet guys and the TV barking dogs went their separate ways, the Rebels’ man-child defensive tackle lumbered toward a giant golf cart, something roughly the size of a Ford Explorer.

The driver got out of his way.

Jerrell Powe was taking that sucker back to the locker room himself.

Hotty Toddy to all, Nowdy.

Dean Starkman – SunHerald

Dean Starkman’s very fine writing about the insurance industry’s response to Hurricane Katrina, Insurance Transparency Project blog, continues to be an invaluable resource for SLABBED.  In fact, it was my search for something he’d written that led me to the Columbia Journalism Review where I found (much to my delight)  SunHerald’s Lee, Times-Pic’s Mowbray: Still on it

One of the true pleasures of reporting on the insurance industry’s response, or non-response, to Hurricane Katrina was meeting, and reading the reporting of, the principal Gulf-area papers’ reporters on the insurance angle, Rebecca Mowbray of the Times-Picayune and Anita Lee of the SunHerald of Gulfport and Biloxi, Miss.

It is heartwarming to see them still on the case, four years later. It is heartbreaking to read what they are reporting.

Mowbray: “Report dubs FEMA poor watchdog”

That one, from September 22, is about how the government fails to supervise the private insurers who administer the federal flood program under a “private-public partnership” (always a good idea to check your wallet when you read those words):

FireShot capture #104 - 'SunHerald's Lee, Times-Pic's Mowbray_ Still on it _ CJR' - www_cjr_org_the_audit_sunheralds_lee_timespics_mowbr_php

That’s for expenses, people. Insurers under this program bear no risk. What financial product comes with a 66% load? Continue reading “Dean Starkman – SunHerald”