That ain’t donut glaze on David Vitter’s diaper as he was the biggest loser in Saturday’s election

The Louisiana  TEA Party, by extension, is also a big loser.  John Maginnis has some quality analysis for the Times Picayune of Jay Dardenne’s win over Nunny and Jim Tucker’s crushing loss in the Secretary of State’s race.

Not mentioned by also big losers was the Jefferson Parish Council who now will have to learn to deal with an independent inspector general.


When it comes to corrupt, sack of shit politicians Billy Nungesser gets the headlines but he isn’t the only one running for office.

Folks I have a hard time deciding which kind of sack of shit politico I hate worse, straight out crooks like Billy Nungesser or professional scapegoaters like John LaBruzzo that have no problem scapegoating minorities or the less fortunate to advance their personal political ambitions.  Both types are dangerous just in different ways.

Luckily for all of us it appears a solid majority of the registered voters have figured out Nunny is on the take as polling data indicates Jay Dardenne has a solid lead in the Louisiana Lite Gov race that will carry him to a win in a few weeks.  One thing that surprised me was that I figured voters on the north shore were more intelligent than the polling data shows but evidently them folks prefer their politicians to be of the variety that robs them blind so long as they spout the right talking points.  Speaking of Nunny, does anyone think the $100MM FEMA trailer contract that is now the subject of a federal investigation escaped his sticky fingers back in 2005/2006? Stay tuned.

And then we have Bucktown’s John LaBruzzo. It is no surprise the people who gave David Duke to the political world would elect a right-wing nut to represent them.  It is just that you’d think after the Duke disaster they would at least elect a right-wing nut that represented their interest in the legislature.  As luck would have it Hammerman at the T-P wrote a lengthy article on the incumbent v incumbent battle involving Nick Larusso and John LaBruzzo and it does not cast LaBruzzo in a good light, especially the dishonest campaigning involving Larusso’s service in the military.  And when a pol like, Senator Danny “Boob” Martiny washes his hands of a candidate it is saying something.  Simply put LaBruzzo wasn’t redistricted into the race against Larusso by accident folks as even the most ardent right-wing nuts want him gone from the legislature.

Stay tuned folks as Slabbed will be introducing a new series of posts called “identify the candidate” that we’ll kick off with an able-bodied guy with a preference for using handicapped parking.


In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum once again goes whole hog for Nunny!

Hey folks remember that rich contract with BP Magnum scored so he could run political interference for the oil giant with Louisiana politicians?  Well, it appears he is throwing a bit more of that BP money at Nunny, who double dealt on the oil spill at every opportunity. For those keeping score this is the second time Nunny has bellied up to the Magnum/BP trough.  Please feel free to distribute freely.  🙂

Choosy prosecutors choose Jiff: A Plaquemines Parish FEMA corruption scandal update.

Indeed my good men I can verify Jiff is in some very big trouble. Lee Zurich first nailed the long time Sheriff of Plaquemines Parish for being a petty thief and now the T-P’s Hammerman is laying the smacketh down on the Sheriff with the help of what is apparently many a jilted woman from the skeleton closet of contractor Aaron Bennett of Benetech infamy.

Team Jiff is certainly circling the wagons and exercising the right to remain silent. ‘ Tis a shame to see an old guy facing hard time but it appears to be richly deserved.


BREAKING TOXIC WASTE ALERT: Aaron Broussard reportedly craps his pants after St Pierre verdict

We’re also getting similar reports from St Charles Avenue and Plaquemines Parish. Please proceed with caution.


There is a common criminal masquerading as Sheriff in Plaquemines Parish.

The folks in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana have a special talent for electing crooked miscreants to office and indeed we have featured the infamous Billy Nungesser Jr. on these pages several times for being a lying, thieving sack of shit but little did we know Sheriff Jiff Hingle was giving lessons on how to loot campaign cash and bill expenses multiple places.

Lee Zurik did an investigation of Hingle and his campaign finances for Fox 8 and the results shook even this most jaded observer as the thieving was barely hidden and very brazen.


In this episode of Magnum JD: Bull Durham comes to town and appears on the Toolman.

(Reader Warning: Please put your hip boots on as the bullshit gets deep.)

So there I was watching the morning show on WWL early one morning last week with my trusty canine companion when the poor pooch had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of my coffee spew that roughly coincided with airing of a teaser for an Eric Paulsen report on Bull Durham himself that wowuld be airing on the 10:00PM news!

I immediately knew there would be a post which covered the “coverage” but life’s travails, trials and tribulations have focused my attention elsewhere so the post would have to wait until today.

Paulsen, whom we introduced to the Slabbed Nation a few weeks ago via Paulsen v State Farm and his lawyer/friends, Danny Abel and Carl Finley, got their asses kicked in Federal Court and rightfully so. What is amazing to me as moderator of Slabbed is that State Farm didn’t tip insurance industry shill David Rossmiller about the case as he had a knack for receiving tips on the low hanging fruit but such is our gain here on Slabbed for a number of reasons. Lest I digress.

I would submit Paulsen was the natural choice to pump the latest Costner scheme IMHO.  He is plugged into the old Aaron Broussard political network for example via Abel and company and he has demonstrated a fantastic ability to check whatever formal journalism training he has received whenever there is the need for a shill rather than a journalist as I think his latest story on Costner illustrates:

If there is one thing most people agree on during the BP oil disaster, it is that the oil industry and the federal government were not prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD: Bull Durham comes to town and appears on the Toolman.”

Lets connect a few dots as we feature James Gill’s last column on Fred Heebe.

I have a small confession to make.  After I wrote yesterday’s posts Continue reading “Lets connect a few dots as we feature James Gill’s last column on Fred Heebe.”

Now this warms the cockles of my heart…

Whether you can him by my pet name Nunny or Billy Nungesser it has been clear to me since the oil spill that Plaquemines Parish Prez Billy Nungesser is a corrupt sack of shit.  According to Lee Zurich at Fox 8 it appears the Feds are thinking the same thing and it goes beyond trying to stiff  Gidget out of her prostitution tab.  If the Feds are looking at Nunny I’d say there is also a good chance there is also a Jack Stevens in the woodpile too.

Anyone seen Anderson Cooper?  My mind is open to the possibility that most of his regular oil spill guests will end up doing time at the ol’ Greybar Hotel before this is over.