Benetech still working Army Corp of Engineer Jobs?? Not exactly Mr. Hammerman…..

Folks last month the T-P’s Hammerman reported Camp Dresser McKee kicked Benetech off the Plaquemines Parish Jail Project but that Benetech had retained the Army Corp of Engineer contracts to storm proof 8 pumping stations in metro New Orleans.  In a way he is right that Benetech is still on the job but that is in name only as yesterday Benetech’s surety, Zurich filed suit against Benetech, Aaron Bennett and his father Bill Bennett to enforce the indenmity agreement the Bennett’s signed with Zurich to secure Benetech’s bonding program. A looksie at the suit indicates to me Benetech stiffed various subs on the Pump station job and the surety has taken it over.  Payouts by Zurich on the project to date total almost $3 million dollars and counting.

This can go 2 ways folks. Sometimes the surety will keep the insolvent contractor on the job as they know the project best and simply take over handling the money part of the project including collection of the progress billings.  Other times the surety will hire another contractor to finish the project.  Given the new suit I think Benetech is not affiliated with managing the buildout of these projects.

Click the pic below to get the pdf of the complaint and first exhibit.  Hat Tip Duris on Twitter. Continue reading “Benetech still working Army Corp of Engineer Jobs?? Not exactly Mr. Hammerman…..”

Mutt and Jiff make their court appearances.

Mutt & Jiff

Here is the skinny on Mutt via Hammerman and the low down on Jiff. IMHO Dambala deserves the props Lee Zurik is getting today in comments at the Picayune. Literally years of posts like this one are the reason I say that.


Luckily for everyone while I’ve been out Dambala has been on fire over at American Zombie

While I’ve been away for a few days Jason over at American Zombie has been on fire with the latest news that Aaron Bennett is helping Team Fed. Also of great interest is his work on the oil spill’s impacts here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that qualifies as a must read.  Our politicians here in Mississippi have been in bed with BP since the beginning, especially current gubernatorial candidate Phil “Phildo” Bryant, who has consistently downplayed the deleterious environmental impacts of the spill beginning with his now infamous lawn mower fumes remark last summer that was beyond ignorant.

Finally Jason’s post on John Georges property tax assessment in Kenner is the part of a story line that has not yet been fully developed. The general subject of Lawrence Chehardy era sweetheart property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish for the politically connected is a rich topic IMHO. Let’s take things a step further as I think industrial zoned properties, especially along the Mississippi River, would be where the big money is.

One naturally wonders how much lower taxation would be in Jefferson Parish if everyone paid their fair share.


Laissez les coups bas continuent: Jiff takes another powder.

You just knew instinctively something else was going on here folks so I’ll toot my own horn a wee bit:

The possibilities here are delicious IMA as this entire Plaquemines Parish deal is rife with backstabbing potential.

So what do we now know besides the fact Jiff took a power and copped an early plea?

  1. He wore a wire on Aaron Bennett.
  2. If it is true that Aaron Bennett will be charged later via Bill of Information he too has taken a plea deal.
  3. This whole deal leads to Washington DC.
  4. Billy Nungesser is so fucked.

I would encourage Lee Zurick to keep digging. For my part I have been digging on former Jackson City Councilman Chip Reno who now heads the Talon Group, lobbyists that came up during Mark St Pierre’s trial.  Chip’s peeps populate the Phildo Bryant Campaign as I now openly wonder if former Thad Cochran staffer Ann Copeland took favors from more folks than Jack Abramoff.  This is fertile ground here in Mississippi too folks.

There are forces at work to white wash this whole deal as we speak. Thank goodness DoJ DC is running the show.


Yes I agree Benetech needs a good probe. A 24 inch speculum should work nicely for the job.

What can I say but that I agree with today’s Op-Ed from the Times Picayune.  And while we are probing Benetech will someone please get a seeing eye dog to Jackson so the poor folks at the USless Attorney’s office can find their way to the Rosemary Barbour’s place. Folks the stench goes all the way to Washington DC. Maybe there i$ a rea$on Buddy Roemer’s message i$n’t playing well compared with other$ in the GOP pool of Pre$idential hopeful$.


The Times Picayune becomes hip to why legal conflicts of interest are not in the public’s interest.

And they even wrote an editorial yesterday to prove it.  Here at Slabbed we’ve been hip to that concept for quite some time most recently in the case of BP using a middle man to purchase certain Louisiana politicians such as Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu and such.  I bet USA v St Pierre left an impression with the folks at the T-P as well as ol’ Marky Mark used Jackson based lawyer Danny Drake to do some of his dirty work. Welcome aboard guys.  😉