Around in the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: WQRZ, Beauvoir, Quick Take & Katrina Relief

As we rapidly approach the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the memories of what we lost fade somewhat we are confronted by the need to move away from a recovery/rebuild mindset to the new normal. In the mid 70s as a child I remember having relatives visit us in Waveland. We rode down Beach Boulevard pointing out the still vacant lots and recounting the houses that Camille took. Years later we still knew what once stood on those vacant lots but the fact Camille took them was no longer such an important detail in respects. With the benefit of my adult experiences with Katrina I now recognize that process as one of healing. While we are a long way from being healed as a slabbed community, there is no doubt in my mind we have begun the process.

The process is hard in respects; there is that part of our community forever left behind on August 29, 2005. There is also the post Katrina experiences that we will someday need to put in the past to further the healing process such as being flooded with well intentioned volunteers and their creations like the New Waveland Cafe. I too count eating with the hippies as one of my post Katrina experiences. Nowdy those were the days…..

The fact remains we must move on in order to fully recover and I was reminded of that when I surfed the news this morning and found 4 stories that fit that broad theme. Continue reading “Around in the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: WQRZ, Beauvoir, Quick Take & Katrina Relief”

Beauvoir is Back!

A symbol of our continued recovery is repaired and ready again for tourist. It has also attracted the interests of the national media. Kat Bergeron has the Sun Herald story.

In the history of Hurricane Katrina recovery, Beauvoir is a Humpty Dumpty “back together again” story getting national attention.

The restored 1852 National Historic Landmark reopens Tuesday with a public celebration and tours for the first time since the 2005 storm destroyed all but the house on the beachfront estate where Jefferson Davis spent his retirement. Continue reading “Beauvoir is Back!”