Dang! Left out again…….

I’m personally happy such BS does not make it to my inbox.

SUN HERALD | Editorial: What was ‘inaccurate’ about DMR reports? ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

So yes, Billy Walker has hired one of State Farm’s big Mississippi based law firms to represent him in Baker Donelson, such firm an occasional topic on these pages dating way back to Slabbed’s early days.

Last month I thought the signs indicated something was fixing to break loose with the investigation and I am still seeing those signals.

And now for that piece of gossip I heard yesterday at the Blowfly Inn, I’ve been googling away now for a couple of hours and am having a hard time finding anything so maybe the community can help out sourcing it. Continue reading “Dang! Left out again…….”

DMR Scandal Day 101: Bill Walker Speaks!

I’m going for my white shrimper boots ’cause it’s getting deep!

DMR’s former chief denies wrongdoing through attorneys ~ Anita Lee

What a way to introduce yourselves folks as Team Walker has lawyered up with State Farm’s Mississippi law firm Baker Donelson, one of the prototypical sleazebag large law firms we’ve profiled on the pages through the years. I personally have no use for 99% of people that do that first initial middle name thang as it betrays a certain amount of pompacity that is a personal turn off but they are now Team Walker.

No word yet on whether Bernie Grimm will be hooking up with Baby Walker.

A quick word on the recent DMR / Rigsby chatter.  I can tell you I had no clue until it showed up in comments yesterday but I can now confirm hindsight reveals they had a sense of humor about Slabbed’s coverage of Scott Walker’s drinking habits. If they became spillionaires that’d be fair game but as a general rule we try to steer clear of guilt by association.  There is a certain irony to Walker lawyering up with the same firm that has worked to crush his nieces that I hope is lost on no one.  I personally think Cori and Kerrie have the far better lawyers.  :mrgreen:

Tuesday Links

God bless him an AP reporter managed to make a story out of yesterday’s legislative audit report on the sand berms. Folks, a reader was kind enough to alert me about the 12 page report yesterday, I read it and found it marginally interesting but not enough to make a post out of it.  In a way it is an interim report to the Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration as Shaw and the OCPR are still working to resolve the remaining cost items. The amount of money in question ($500K) is miniscule to the total $251MM spent on Bermdoggle by Jindy and his political lap dogs Nunny, Mini-me etc.

Speaking of Mini-me wouldn’t a similar cost audit provision been nice in the (non)Performing Arts fiasco. Gambitman Clancy DuBos thinks something criminal may have occurred but remains off in the weeds with the focus on Wiznia IMHO. We agree on the need for a federal investigation though. 😉

Today is general election day here in Mississippi. I like the fact the Sun Herald did not make endorsements in every race. I’m most interested in the state senate race in Long Beach and the house district 122 race in Bay-Waveland. In Long Beach the GOP ran a series of highly misleading ads that ended up being pulled against incumbent Deborah Dawkins. That race is a rematch of the 2007 election featuring the daughter of the mayor of Long Beach. In House district 122 David Baria managed to out-fundraise Dorothy Wilcox by $20K. Continue reading “Tuesday Links”

Menage a Frois law Firm Baker Donelson again exhibits blatantly unethical courtroom behavior a what else is new update

I’ve been sitting on some very nice legal briefs out of Lafayette Parish  for a few weeks now regarding a pair of highly unethical lawyers in Baker Donelson partner Monico Frois and her insurance defense sidekick Daniel Brenner with the firm of Bolen, Parker, Brenner, Lee & Gremillion out of Alexandria.

This post will highlight their shameful conduct in Landry v PSA of Lafayette but to set up Baker Donelson, I’ll first remind our readers they landed on our radar screen when Deputy Mississippi Insurance Commish Lee Harrell left MID and went to work there. The revolving door in the insurance biz is nothing unusual but Harrell took brazen to another level as Baker Donelson counts State Farm as a client and before he left MID Harrell whitewashed the Market Conduct Study untaken by MID against State Farm for their shameful claims practices in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina before collecting his payoff for same via Baker Donelson’s Jackson Mississippi office.

Through time I collected a few tidbits on Baker Donelson ethical sleazery so their latest bit of jackassery came as no surprise.  Following the insurance litigation indicated to me a sizable segment of the insurance defense bar could not win a case unless corners were cut and sadly there are plenty of lazy judges that allow all manner of underhanded tactics simply so cases move off their dockets.  Federal Judges in particular have a reputation for such laziness.

So I’ll set up Landry with a quote from a lawyer that has tangled with Baker Donelson’s Monica Frois to get a flavor of how she is viewed by her peers: Continue reading “Menage a Frois law Firm Baker Donelson again exhibits blatantly unethical courtroom behavior a what else is new update”

BREAKING: More Mississippi lawyers added to the Louisiana Crime Camera Scandal. A Mark St Pierre-Chocolate guy NOLA fleecing update.

Hey Hammerman you keep the names coming dude. From this morning’s proceedings in USA v St Pierre:

Even before the prosecution got to cross-examine Drake, the Mississippi lawyer said he was advising St. Pierre and Meffert with the understanding that Meffert wasn’t using the credit card anymore.

But Nagin’s tech director was in fact still using it, and continued to until he left City Hall in July 2006.

In fact, in August 2006, Drake said he got into a debate with St. Pierre’s Louisiana counsel, Kent Lambert of the Baker Donelson firm, about whether St. Pierre ever told Lambert about the credit card. Continue reading “BREAKING: More Mississippi lawyers added to the Louisiana Crime Camera Scandal. A Mark St Pierre-Chocolate guy NOLA fleecing update.”

“First Impression”

Not  the legal concept of First Impression, just my first impression of Ex-regulators advising Allstate on rate increase: it has the ethical “whiff” of Lawyer Accused of Impersonating Client’s Dead Wife:

“In what could be a first, an Arizona attorney may face disciplinary action after an investigation found that she told a client she was channeling his dead wife, then lied about it during an unrelated disciplinary proceeding.

An Arizona Supreme Court hearing officer recently filed a report on the conduct of Charna Johnson, who began representing the client in 1999 in divorce proceedings after meeting him in a ballroom dancing class. The client’s wife committed suicide the following year and Johnson handled the probate matters.

Within days of the death, Johnson began telling her client that “his deceased wife Jan had ‘come’ to her and that Jan’s ‘spirit’ was ‘inside’ her and that she could communicate Jan’s thoughts,” according to the report. The client testified that Johnson pressured him to have a sexual relationship, although she told the investigator that the references to sex were coming from the deceased wife, not herself. The report recommends Johnson be suspended for six months.”

Allstate, on the other hand,channeled ” Mississippi’s former top insurance regulators” to guide the Company’s proposed 44% rate hike:

Former Insurance Commissioner George Dale and his top deputy, Lee Harrell, work in the Jackson offices of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz. Dale is not working on Allstate’s rate filing, but Harrell said he is part of the firm’s insurance team advising Allstate. Continue reading ““First Impression””