MAGA, with an Axe

The tired old saying “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind with the story of the Desoto County axe attack by a member of the Mississippi Republican Executive Committee, the same folks that repeatedly try to shove their whacked out religious beliefs down everyone else’s throats. In the case of Axe lady Heather Fox, who is married with small children, jealousy and firewater mixed together are not a good combination.

The incident report stated that the owner of the home, whose identity was “blacked out” or redacted by authorities, told deputies that Fox was “irate,’ because another person, also unidentified, was at the residence.

Fox was said to be angry at the other unidentified person because she had allegedly keyed her vehicle on a prior occasion and “stole her swimsuit.”

The report stated that Fox told the owner of the residence that their “relationship was over” if the other individual did not leave the residence.

This morning has been interesting because I’ve heard from more folks up in North Mississippi than I had in quite some time with all pointing to Kendall Prewett as the victim of the Axe attack gone wrong. Mr. Prewett is the Regional Coordinator and Campaign Committee Member at Donald J. Trump Campaign for President according to his Facebook page. Ms. Fox, the perpetrator per the law enforcement report would share supporting Trump with Mr. Prewett but even better would be a picture of them together: Continue reading “MAGA, with an Axe”