And the big guns come out: A periodic Haller Jackson case update

The two topics that have been burning up these pages in Q1 are the LSU Sorority girl turned porn star (Morgan has also helped Slabbed set all time site traffic records for the post) and the Haller Jackson arrest. Traffic related to the Jackson arrest and prosecution has been significant, regular and geographically broad based with all the finest people the U.S. legal profession has to offer coming here for more information. I hope to have something more substantive once the 15th passes and I gain time to do some quality digging.

Until then I can say with authority not much has happened since the last update. The hearing I referenced back on February 15th did happen but all that happened was both sides joined hands and asked for a continuance so now the hearing is set for late April.  The hearing will cover Motions for Preliminary Examination and To Suppress Confession, Identification and Physical Evidence.

The big gun referenced above was Frank Desalvo, who appeared on behalf of Jackson last Friday.

Hows about a Haller Jackson criminal update?

I’ve had people email and ask in person for an update to the criminal court saga of former Tulane Law student Prodigy turned accused pedophille Thomas J. “Haller” Jackson. I’ve shaken the tree and following is what I found out.

First there have been several preliminary hearings and Jackson is out on bond with stipulations he stay away from minors and “school students” by any means including computer or text message. There has been a discovery hearing and a pretrial conference. The defense has filed motion to “Suppress confession” thus it appears Mr. Jackson may have already self incriminated himself. Brigid Collins from Frank Disalvo’s shop has been appearing on behalf of Jackson. Collins made the news a few years ago when she was an Assistant Orleans Parish DA.

The next hearing is set for late March, 2014. Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson is presiding.

United States District Judge Susie Morgan’s law clerk charged with attempted rape and solicitation of sex from a child

The arrest of Thomas J. Jackson IV aka T. Haller Jackson IV on charges of attempted rape and computer-aided solicitation of a minor (an 11 year old boy) has electrified the legal community in New Orleans due to inherent implications of having a predatory pedophile pass Federal background checks and the like. I’ve received a boatload of tips and done some of my own internet sleuthing and I think I can add some additional color and explain to the many non lawyerly types that read us the reasons the legal community is electrified.

First in the interest of fair journalism I must disclose that Jackson was the law clerk for Judge Morgan when Daniel Abel’s first SLAPP suit was filed in US District Court in New Orleans against myself and Anne Marie Vandenweghe. That suit was voluntarily dismissed on May 14, 2013 by Abel one day before a hearing to strike his suit under Louisiana’s anti SLAPP law.

Next up is the fact set as reported by both The Advocate and the Times Picayune. First this snippet from Juliet Linderman’s piece:

According to a police report, Jackson made contact in December with a man through GRINDR, a gay social networking smartphone application, and offered him $500 for a sexual encounter with a boy younger than 11. The other GRINDR user, whose name is not listed in the court records, sent screenshots of the conversation to the FBI.

In the following weeks, a federal agent identified in court documents as M. Allison assumed the online alias of Jackson’s GRINDR correspondent and on Dec. 30 struck up a conversation, telling Jackson that he’d found a 10-year-old boy. “Hook it up!! :)” Jackson replied.

And we have this from John Simerman at the Advocate: Continue reading “United States District Judge Susie Morgan’s law clerk charged with attempted rape and solicitation of sex from a child”

For some reason I thought of James when I saw this story this morning..

For some reason I thought about our own James Barbieri when I saw the story about International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn being arrested for attempted rape today in New York. This will end up as the story of the year in France IMHO. Meantime the story of the year in Oxford still unfolds.