BMI is on the prowl…..

Along with a host of other Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP.

BMI sues Mississippi nightclub over music licensing. Owner calls fees legal ‘extortion.’ ~ Alissa Zhu

If you are in an organization whose business model relies on jukeboxes or cover charges for DJ’s playing songs especially, heads up:

Prairie Dog Washington DC 1.jpg
Prairie Dog popping its head out of its burrow in response to a kerfuffle. By Aaron Siirila, Via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 2.5, [Link to original photo]

Without going into a copyright law treatise the bottom line here is you better be paying your licensing fees* or you’ll learn the hard way as Freelons Restaurant, Bar & Groove in Jackson is fixing to find out. One thing its not is extortion in any way shape or form. Continue reading “BMI is on the prowl…..”